Best Practice Forum Proposals

Country Presentations
Pacific Islands
Senegal : Best Practices on e-governance
Sri Lanka
UK - Developing economic benefits from Internet self-regulation - the UK experience
UK - Lessons to be learned from a local IGF

Thematic Presentations
Consumer Protection and Data Breach Notification
Council of Europe BPF on Public Service Value of the Internet
Cybercrime Convention
From Knowledge to Entrepreneurship - Capacity Building in a Changing Internet Environment (originally submitted as a workshop)
ICT and Security Challenges - A selection of Case studies
IG Capacity Building Programme: A Model for Regional Training
Internet Topology and Terminology
Moving Beyond the Talk: Partnerships in Practice (submitted within the deadlines but mistakenly not posted yet)
One size doesn't fit all: what can be learned from the diversity of existing ccTLD management examples
Open ICT Standards for Greater Citizen Access: Best practices in government policy and procurement practices
Promoting Network Security and Constructing a Harmonious Internet
Public participation in Internet Governance: Emerging issues, good practices and proposed solutions
Signposts, Benchmarks, and the Public Interest: Solving the Challenge of Keeping an Open Medium Open
Successful participative policy-making in the frame of the United Nations: eLAC multi-stakeholder Delphi
World Digital Forum - Low cost ICTs to bridge the digital divide