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UK - Lessons to be learned from a local IGF


Nominet UK


Rt Hon Alun Michael (Member of British Parliament)

Additional Information

Nominet, the .uk domain name registry, proposes a forum to share lessons learned from a programme of events and activity building a local IGF. The proposal and the UK IGF process have the support of the UK government. The forum will focus on how the process of engaging with business, government, academia and civil society led to the creation of a Best Practice Challenge to showcase examples of Internet governance-related projects which address digital challenges faced in the UK today.

This forum is the culmination of a long-term outreach programme engaging a diverse range of stakeholders, creating a UK IGF community and introducing them, not only to one another for increased dialogue, but also to the IGF and its concepts. This was achieved through a combination of the Best Practice Challenge, complemented with parliamentary events, mailing list activity and multi-stakeholder panel discussions to prepare for the international IGF meetings. We wish to share outputs from this process with other communities within the IGF context.

The forum will highlight our findings about the relevance to a UK audience of the IGF and its four key topics. Through practical examples, we will demonstrate how in a maturing Internet environment the topics of access, openness and diversity can overlap extensively. We will discuss how security is a broad topic that touches all who engage in the digital world.



1. The UK IGF: reflections on building a process at the national level

2. Case studies. Introducing the examples of best practice from the four categories of Access, Security, Diversity and Openness. Panel discussions will be led, and participants challenged, by an independent journalist moderator. The multi-stakeholder panel will comprise the chair of the judges for the Challenge (Rt Hon Alun Michael MP), the organizer of the Challenge (Nominet), and representatives of winning entries ranging across civil society, private and public sector (including local government). Case studies will specifically address issues such as where the greatest challenges lay, what they would have done differently, how early learnings informed later decisions and the overall outcomes of their projects. The format of the forum will be highly interactive. The moderator will interview the participants, and will call for input from the audience throughout the session. Latest technology will be used to increase audience engagement throughout and gain input from those unable to be present in the room. Presentations and background information will be available to participants both in the room and those who choose to join us online. Accompanying the presentations will be an exhibition of short-listed entries in the Best Practice Challenge. The focus will be on lessons learned both from the featured projects, and from the process of developing a UK IGF.