Taking Stock and the Way Forward

All stakeholders are invited to send us their comments and views on the Hyderabad meeting and make suggestions with regard to the preparation of next year’s meeting in Sharm El Sheikh, including the “formal consultations [on] the desirability of the continuation of the Forum”.

In order to facilitate the assessment of the feed-back we suggest that you fill in the Web based form and put your comments in the following categories.

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Did the meeting meet your expectations?
What worked well?
What worked less well?
What did you think of the new format with main session panels and the open dialogue sessions?
Did the other workshops and other meetings you attended meet your expectations? Was there sufficient room for interaction with participants?
How did you see the linkages between the different types of meetings? Is there room for improvement?
Should all the different types of events be maintained on the programme of the fourth IGF meeting in Sharm El Sheikh?
Are there any other kind of meeting structures that you think would be useful to consider?
Did the ‘IGF Village’ meet your expectations? If not, what can be improved for the next IGF?
Was the discussion space in the ‘IGF Village’ useful?
The Secretariat prepared a synthesis paper as the official meeting input document The paper summarized all contributions received and was translated in all six UN languages. Was this paper useful? Should this practice be continued?
If you had one significant improvement to suggest for the next IGF, what would it be?
Other suggestions for improvement in view of the Sharm El Sheikh meeting?
Any other comments or suggestions?
The Tunis Agenda calls on the UN Secretary-General “to examine the desirability of the continuation of the Forum, in consultation with Forum participants, within five years of its creation, and to make recommendations to the UN membership in the regard”. This consultation will have to take place at the Sharm El Sheikh meeting. How should it be prepared?