Second IGF Meeting


Rio de Janeiro, 12-15 November 2007

14 November, 1600-1800


Session Chairman:

Mr. Antonio Tavares, Representative of the Private Sector Brazilian Internet Steering Committee


Yoshinori Imai, The Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)


Ralf Bendrath, Research Fellow, University of Bremen

Lamia Chaffai, Director, Agence Tunisienne d’Internet, Tunisia

Huang Chengqing, Secretary-General, Internet Society of China, Beijing

Marco Gercke, Professor of Criminal Law, University of Cologne

Cristine Hoepers, Leader, Brazilian CERT

Zahid Jamil, Senior Partner, Jamil & Jamil Barristers-at-Law


Izumi Aizu, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for InfoSocinomics (IIS), Kumon Center, Tama University

Anne Carblanc, Principal Administrator, Information Computer and Communications Policy Division, OECD, Paris

Georg Greve, President, Free Software Foundation Europe, Zurich

Malcolm Harbour, Member, European Parliament

Katitza Rodriguez Pereda, International Policy Fellow, Electronic Privacy Information Center 


Speakers are encouraged to send us their speeches

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