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Workshop Reports

Approaches for Deploying IP-based Network Infrastructure in Developing Countries [pdf]

Anti-spam Toolkit: a multi-stakeholder, multilayered approach [pdf]

A2K & Freedom of Expression [odt]  [pdf]

Building Human and Institutional Capacity for Meaningful Participation in Internet Governance Issues [rtf]

Building Local Legal Capacity on Internet Governance [pdf]

Content Filtering and Freedom of Expression [pdf]

Content Rights (for the Internet Environment) [pdf]

Content regulations from gender and development perspective [pdf]

Enhancing Multi-Stakeholder Participation in ICT Policy Making: An Exploration of Effective Policy Processes That Enhance Access to ICTs and the Internet [pdf]

Equal Access on the Web [pdf]

Exploring a Framework Convention on the Internet [pdf]

Greening Development through ICT and Civic Engagement [ pdf ]

Internet Governance as a tool for participation (democratization and empowerment) [MSWord]

Internet Infrastructure [pdf]

ICT: Tool for Transparency [pdf]

New Technical and Policy Challenges in DNS Root Zone Management [pdf]

Privacy Workshops I and II [MSword] [pdf]

The Internet Bill of Rights [MSWord]

Towards a Multilingual Global Internet: Avoiding the Risk of Fragmentation [ rtf ]

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