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Workshop Report


Workshop 33

Hall 2, 11:00 - 12:30 December 6 


1. Title

Global Culture for Cybersecurity


2. Organizers and Panelists


Consultative Committee on UN Information Technology (CCIT)China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)

Internet Society of China (ISC)

Speakers and Panelists:

Prof.Xinmin Gao

Standing Vice Chairman of Internet Society of China, Member of the Advisory

Committee for State Informatization


Prof. QING Sihan

Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Engineering Research Center

for Information Security Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences


Dr. William Drake,

Director of the Project on the Information Revolution and Global Governance, the

Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzerland


Prof. TAO Xiaofeng

School of Telecommunication Engineering, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication


Prof. LIU Chuang

Director of Global Change Information and Research Center, Institute of Geography and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Mr. HUANG Chengqing

Secretary General of Internet Society of China

Prof. Wolfgang Kleinwächter, International Communication Policy and Regulation, University of Aarhus

3. Discussion

The topics of the workshop are crucial to IGF and can be divided into three parts,

Part 1: Application of Internet

Application of Internet and mobile communications in emergent occasions, such as Wenchuan earthquake in Southwest China in May, 2008, are extremely and particularly important and helpful.


Part 2: Availability

Make the Internet available and accessible to all people in China, including the disabled, the poor, teenagers, etc, is one of our most desirable goals.


Part 3: Security and Trust

The cyber security is facing both opportunities and challenges. Building and enhancing trust among Internet users is the assurance of reaching the next billion users; therefore, the Norm version 3.0 is needed.


Nearly 70 participants attended the session and discussions. They were impressed by the achievements of the Internet application in China and felt it was necessary to follow up the formation of World Internet Norm (WIN).


Many participants of the Workshop pointed out that the World Internet Norm could well serve as a necessary guideline and guarantee for the openness, diversity, trust, accessibility and affordability of the Internet to most of the users in the globe, although it takes time to establish mutual understanding and to be accepted widely.


Some participants of the Workshop said that an Internet with openness, trust and security, diversity and accessibility can only be realized by self-disciplined multi-stake holders, not by god or any other forces. Therefore, a good Norm is absolutely needed.


4. Possible Follow-up

We have solicited suggestions and comments from the multi-stakeholders on the drafted World Internet Norm after the previous IGF meetings, and have made improvements. We hope the discussion on the World Internet Norm will become one of the main topics at the IGF meetings in the near future.


5. Contact Information

Ms. MA Jing, Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


6. Attached File

World Internet Norm Version 3.0