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Internet Governance Forum

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1. General Information

Internet Governance Forum

Q: What is the Internet Governance Forum?

A: The IGF is a  forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue on public policy related to Internet governance issues, such as the Internet's sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development. The United Nations Secretary-General formally announced the establishment of the IGF in July 2006 and the first meeting was convened in October/November 2006.

Q: What is the purpose of the IGF

A: The purpose of the IGF is to maximize the opportunity for open and inclusive dialogue and the exchange of ideas on Internet governance related issues; create feedback loops between the different types of sessions; create opportunities to share best practices and experiences; listen, dialogue and learn as well as identify key themes that would, in the future, benefit from the multi-stakeholder perspective of the IGF.

Q: Who is the conference for?

A: The IGF welcomes organisations and individuals from diverse relevant expertise and geographical areas around the world. The meeting is open to all World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) accredited entities, as well as other institutions and individuals with proven expertise and experience in matters related to Internet Governance.

2. Pre-Conference Information


Q: Where and when will the IGF 2012 meeting be held?

A: The IGF 2012 meeting will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, on 06-09 November 2012 at the Baku Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.

Logistical Information

Q: How do I find my way after I arrive in Baku?

A: The host country will provide shuttle services from the airport to the hotels.


Q: How can I register for the IGF 2012 meeting in Baku?

A: Online registration for the IGF 2012 meeting is now open. It will close on October 15.

Q: How do I get my badge?

A: Badges can be received from the registration desk at the venue. The registration desk will open on Friday 2nd November at the Baku Expo Centre.

Q: Is there a fee to attend the IGF meeting?

A: No. Attending the meetings is free of charge.


Q: Do I need a visa to attend the IGF meeting in Baku?

A: Please check the visa requirements on the host country website .

aQ: How can I get a support letter for my visa if I need it?

A: Please refer to the host country website.

Q: How can I apply for a visa?

A: Please refer to the host country website.



Q: How can I find information regarding accommodation in Baku?

A: Information on various accommodation options, including rates, is available on the Host country website. You are responsible for making bookings and paying for your accommodation.


Q: Is there funding for some participants?

A: The IGF Secretariat does not provide funding for participants. However, the following organisations provide funding:

1: Funding opportunities available through Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum

Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum seeks to encourage greater participation from Commonwealth member states on issues and discussions related to Internet Governance, with a view to coming up with informed solutions or the pooling of good practice to address their needs more directly. For more information, please contact the Commonwealth IGF Secretariat:

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://www.commonwealthigf.org/

2: The Internet Society (ISOC) provides travel funds for the chosen applicants. Successful applicants will be able to participate at the 7th IGF meeting , Baku as the ambassadors of ISOC. The Internet Society supports participation of first time Ambassdors as well as returning Ambassadors from Internet Governance Forums in Rio (2007), Hyderabad (2008), Sharm El Sheik (2009), Vilnius (2010) and Nairobi (2011). The deadline for submitting applications is 6 July 2012. Please refer to http://internetsociety.org/what-we-do/education-and-leadership-programmes/next-generation-leaders/igf-ambassadors-programme to find more information.


Q: What is the deadline for submitting workshop proposals?

A: The deadline for submitting a workshop proposal for the 2012 IGF meeting has passed.

Q: What is the deadline for revising and merging workshop proposals?

A: Deadline for revising the workshop proposal is 30 June 2012.

3.Venue / Conference Facilities


Q: How do I get to and from my hotel to the conference venue?

A: Transport will be provided for all the delegates from the recommended hotels to the meeting venue. Due to lack of parking space and pick up points for the shuttles at some hotels, several hotels have been designated as pick up points which are in the proximity of (5 - 6 minutes walk) of other hotels.
Please refer to the host country website for more information.Please refer to Host Country website for more information.

Q: What other forms of transportation are available to get to and from the venue?

A: A number of transportation options are available for participants, including taxis and the public bus transportation service.


Q: What arrangements are there to ensure security of delegates?

A: Standard UN security will be provided within the meeting premises. Only registered participants and staff with conference badges will be allowed into the conference venue.

Food Facilities

Q: Will food be provided at the meeting venue?

A: Lunch will be provided free of charge.

Q: Can we take the food into a meeting room?

A: To prevent damage to the equipment in the meeting rooms, it is strongly recommended not to take beverages and food to the meeting rooms.

Q: Will it be possible to organize individual receptions with food gathering?

A: Yes. more details will be provided on catering services.

Accessibility/ First Aid

Q: Is the meeting venue  accessible for people with special needs?

A: Yes. All the public areas at the meeting venue will be accessible to people with limited capabilities. Please find more information at the IGF host country website.

Q: Will there be first-aid facilities on the premises of the venue?

A: Yes, there will be an ambulance on duty and a local hospital ready to help in case of emergency.

Internet, Electricity, Printing and Photocopying

Q: Will there be Internet access? Will access be free of charge?

A: Yes. Internet access will be made available to all participants free of charge at the conference venue.

Q: What type of electricity outlet is in use in Baku?

A: Electricity is supplied at 220V 50Hz. Outlets are the European standard CEE-7/7 "Schukostecker" or "Schuko" or the compatible, but non-grounded, CEE-7/16 "Europlug" types. Generally speaking, U.S. and Canadian travelers should pack an adapter for these outlets if they plan to use North American electrical equipment in Azerbaijan.

Additionally, some older buildings may be still equipped with Soviet-era outlets. The Soviet GOST-7396 standard was very similar to the current European CEE-7/7 "Schuko plug", but the pins were of a 4.0 mm diameter, while the Schuko features 4.8 mmpins. As such, the pins of a Schuko may be too large to fit into a Soviet-era outlet, although the smaller Europlug will still fit. Although the Soviet-era outlets have largely been phased out, travelers who are particularly concerned with having the ability to plug in at all times may consider packing an adapter for the Soviet-era outlets too, just in case.

Q: How can participants make photocopies?

A: Limited number of photocopier machines will be available at the venue.


Distribution of Materials

Distribution of materials at the IGF venue

Written materials and documentations can be distributed at the designated areas at the IGF venue. Documentations related to the workshops subject matters can be distributed at the workshop rooms, and should be removed by the workshop organizer at the end of the workshop session. Organizations that are holding a booth at the IGF village can also distribute materials at their booth. Materials found in non-designated areas will be removed immediately.

The distributed materials should be Internet governance related and of non-commercial nature. The documents should follow UN guidelines on suitability and should not be blatantly inflammatory or potentially libelous and the actions and arguments should be criticized based on their merits and not their source.

Q: Can participants put up commercial logos, flags or advertisements?

A: Commercial logos, flags, banners or printed publications are not allowed in the main meeting halls.

Q: Are there any other ways for participants to disseminate promotional materials?

A: Yes. Tote bags will be given out on the first day of the IGF meeting. Participants who would like to send promotional flyers and other documents to be included in the tote bags are asked to ship the documents by the end of August the latest. Promotional flyers should be non-commercial. A shipping address will be provided soon.

IGF Village

Q: What type of booth will be made available and of what size?

A: This information will be updated in due course .

Q: Can an organization have several booths?

A: No.

Q: Are there restrictions on the type of materials that can be posted on the booths?

A: Materials and publications should be non-commercial, adhere to commonly respected standards of decency and be in accordance with UN practice and principles.

4.The Conference

Meeting Rooms

Q: What is capacity of the meeting rooms?

A: Mostly between 80-120 PAX.

Q: What is the set up of the workshop rooms?

A: The rooms will be available either in classroom or roundtable style.

Q: How many workshop rooms are available?

A: 11 workshop rooms will be available.



Q: What is the working language of the IGF meetings?

A: The working language of the IGF meeting is mostly English. Interpretation will be provided in all 6 UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) for the main sessions.

Remote Participants

Q: How can remote participants remain up-to-date on forum proceedings?

A: Both  workshops and main sessions will benefit from webcast, in both audio and video formats, and real-time transcription of verbatim written record of the proceedings that will be posted to the IGF website.

Q: Will remote participants be able to submit questions and comments during the workshops?

A: Yes,  A public remote chat capability will be provided for all main sessions and workshops.

Press and Media

Q: Will there be a media office to serve delegates and organizations?

A: Yes.

Q: Will the IGF have an official photographer?

A: No.

Q: Will there be an opportunity for delegates to pre-record prepared speeches?

A: Yes. More information will be made available in due course.

Q: How can journalists apply for media accreditation?

A: The media and journalists accreditation takes place in accordance with the United Nations accreditations requirements. The list of requirements is accessible here. To register for the IGF annual meeting, receive a badge and access the venue, journalists can register online ( via IGF website) or onsite. Please contact igf[at]unog.ch if you need further information. Please note that the contact information that has been provided on UNOG website is only for the conferences that are held at UNOG, please contact IGF Secretariat for any IGF related matter.

Social Activities

Q: Will there be social events at the IGF ?

A: Social gatherings initiated by different organizations may take place at the Baku Expo Center, or other venues.

5. Contact Information

Contact Addresses and Number

Q: Whom do I contact for more information?

A: Contact the IGF Secretariat at the following:

Tel:     +41 22 917 57 59
Fax:    +41 22 917 00 92
email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mailing Address:

The United Nations

Secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

Palais Des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 10