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Preparatory Process

Open Consultations on 23-24 February 2009

The transcript of the morning and afternoon session of the 23 February 2009.

The transcript of the 24 February 2009 session.

MAG Meeting on 25-26 February 2009

Summary report. 

As an input into the February consultations a synthesis paper summarizing the contributions and Questionnaire responses submitted by stakeholders were made available. 

Open Consultations on 13 May 2009
MAG Meeting on 14-15 May 2009
Preparatory Meeting
  • A planning meeting, open to all stakeholders, was held in Geneva on 16-17 September 2009.
  • The transcript of the afternoon session of 16 September planning meeting and the transcript of the 17 September session are available.
  • Audio recordings of the 16 September [mp3] and 17 September [mp3] proceedings are available for download.