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Paragraph 76 of the Tunis Agenda requests the Unted Nations Secretary-General “to examine the desirability of the continuation of the Forum, in formal consultation with Forum participants, within five years of its creation, and to make recommendations to the UN Membership in this regard". This consultation will be held at the Sharm El Sheikh meeting. As an input, all stakeholders are invited to submit comments. An online questionnaire is available.

All comments submitted by 15 July 2009 will be reflected in a synthesis paper that will be translated into all UN languages as an input document for the Sharm El Sheikh meeting.

A synthesis paper summarizing the comments received before the May consultations can be viewed here. Further comments will be posted on an ongoing basis

Replies to the questionnaire and contributing comments are now available.

The final synthesis paper summarizing comments on the mandate of the IGF is available in all UN languages: [عربي] [中文] [English] [Français] [Русский] [Español].

The Speakers list for Taking Stock and Looking Forward [html] [pdf]