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IGF meetings 2013


  • 28 February  - 1 March:  IGF Open Consultations and MAG meetings at UNESCO HQ, Paris (with the WSIS+10 meeting)


  • 21-23 May: IGF Open Consultations and MAG meetings in Geneva


IGF meetings 2012


  •  14 February: Open Consultations
  • 15-16 February: MAG meeting



  • 15-16 May: Planning meeting open to all interested stakeholders
  • 17 May: MAG meeting



  • 6-9 November: The seventh annual IGF Meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan


Regional and national IGF initiatives meetings

  • Senegal IGF: Dakar, Senegal, 10-11 September


Other IGF initiatives meetings


Organizers of regional or national type meeting are kindly requested to let us know when their meetings take place and send us the links to their Web sites

Other related events

  • ICANN Meetings 
    ICANN 44 - Prague, Czech Republic, 24-29 June 2012
    ICANN 45  - Toronto, Canada, 14-19 October 2012
    ICANN 46 - Beijing, China, 07 -11 April 2013 **














Institutions wishing to publicize events related to Internet Governance may contact the IGF Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.