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The deadline for the submission of workshop proposals for the 2012 IGF Annual Meeting in Baku has passed. MAG led working groups have assessed the workshop proposals and the results are available under the proposals link http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/2012-igfbaku/w2012/proposals-62695

Workshops selection colouring scheme

The selection outcome and the workshops' status have been signified by a colouring scheme explained below:

• Green: Accepted
• Yellow: Pending
• Red: Rejected

Editing workshop proposals

Workshop organizers are now able to edit their workshop proposal and add further details. Only workshop proposals with status  "accepted" or "pending" can be edited.

Some workshops are selected as feeder workshops by MAG members. These workshops focus on the specific issues relevant to Baku meeting themes and will act as leaders to the relevant main sessions. They will be scheduled before the main sessions.

Feeder, pending and other workshops

Feeder workshops

  • Each feeder workshop will be asked to assign a rapporteur whose role will include: attending the relevant main session, giving a brief overview of the session's discussions and taking part in a one hour round table session that will immediately proceed the main session on that topic. They should also be available to act as a resource to the moderators of the relevant main session. To the extent possible, participants from the feeder workshops are also encouraged to attend the main sessions related to the feeder workshops, in order to broaden the discussions on the sub-themes of the sessions.
  • Workshops selected as feeder workshops will be informed as soon as possible.

Pending workshops

Workshops that have been highlighted as pending are required to provide more details on the content of workshop proposals.

Other workshops

Workshops on other topics of relevance to Internet Governance. (More details will be available in the draft programme paper.)

Organizational principles

• Workshops should respect the general format of meetings and should be structured to be interactive, allowing a large portion of their time for open discussion and interaction with meeting attendees, such as a Q&A session. They could include keynote presentations, moderated panels and discussions both from the floor and from remote participants. Workshops should be designed with the format that is most appropriate to the particular topic under discussion.

• Workshops should have a plan of incorporating remote participation into their sessions and organizers should identify a remote moderator. The workshops will be Web cast and have live transcription.

• Workshops dealing with topics that are addressed in the main meetings will not be scheduled at the same time as the main meetings.

• All workshops will be Webcast and have realtime transcription.

• The rooms reserved for workshops and all equipment, including a screen and a PC or laptop for projections and a projector (XGA/SVGA Data), will be available free of charge. Details related to the logistics will be made available in due course.

• There will be no interpretation provided for workshops. If interpretation is desired, the workshop organizers are free to make their own arrangements in coordination with the IGF Secretariat. The organizers will be responsible for all associated costs.


The organizers will be asked to prepare a short summary report of their workshop after the IGF annual meeting.

In order to submit the workshop reports and gender report cards, please log in on the IGF website and go to your workshop page and click on "Edit". You can find the Report and Gender Report cards fields on that page.