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Those who wish to submit a workshop proposal in the Panel session format, must include a background paper as part of the proposal. Please provide this paper in addition to the descriptive paragraph  in the workshop proposal submission form. Background papers are not required for other session formats, though they will be welcomed as helpful material for participants in your proposed session.

Format for Background Paper

The paper should be 2 to 5 pages in length, and should give the very basics about the issue being discussed by the panel. It should also give pointers as to where to go to get a more in-depth understanding of the various points of view on the issue.

The paper should follow the format below:

1.    Basic information:
       a.    Title of Panel session
       b.    Identify relevant IGF subtheme
       c.    List up to 5 tags

2.    Summary or Abstract of background paper (1 – 2 paragraphs): This short summary should contain at a minimum:
       a.    A statement of purpose (e.g. Why should this Internet Governance issue be considered at this time?)
       b.    Description of the relevance to Internet Governance, and to the themes/sub-themes of the IGF meeting.
       c.    Description of the expected results of the discussion

3.    Body of Paper the background paper should address the following:
       a.    Statement of purpose  (e.g. Why should this Internet Governance issue be considered at this time?),
       b.    Relevance to Internet Governance, IGF themes and subthemes,
       c.    Review of the current situation. (This can be as simple as an annotated bibliography.  This can also include a list of other venues and institutions working on the issue)
       d.    List of questions to be discussed and/or to be asked to key players
       e.    Description of Expected results: (what progress in the understanding of the issue is hoped for? For instance: more detailed problem definition, and/or various stakeholders’ views of policy options, and/or recommendations, and/or barriers, and/or critical success factors, and/or goals to be advanced etc.)