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Baku, Azerbaijan - Head of Department for International Relations and Cooperation with NGOs, Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies

Mr. Bayramov is a graduate of Azerbaijan State Economic University with major in international economic relations as well as a specialist with a master degree on international diplomacy of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University). He did his executive education at Harvard Kennedy School on public management and got trained at Oxford University St. Antony’s College on the Middle East issues.

He is currently heading Department of International Relations and Cooperation with Non-Governmental Institutions of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies (MCIT) of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Before his public sector career at the MCIT, he held numerous academic and administrative positions at the Azerbaijan State Economic University. Prior to his academic career, he had worked at a number of leading companies as a marketing director.

His main responsibilities as a head of department are to implement the MCIT’s plans and projects, as well as to coordinate the MCIT’s vision on cooperation with foreign public and private sector counterparts and with international organizations, particularly with UN, ITU, UPI, RCC, and many others.

Mr. Bayramov had played significant role in Azerbaijan's active participation in the Tunisian phase of the WSIS as well as in World Telecom events of the ITU during the past decade. He has been a key person to organize “Bakutel” international exhibition and conference on ICT, a world-recognized annual event in the Caucasus and the Central Asia and the CIS.

He has also been a part of a team which generated Azerbaijan’s UN-backed international initiative such as the Trans-Eurasian Super Information Highway (TASIM) project, and his department is in charge of coordinating the TASIM project with co-sponsor countries, as well as with the UNDESA and world leading telecom companies which are involved in consortium-building process of the TASIM project.

He encourages the spirit of teamwork at his department in order to accelerate the MCIT’s endeavors to realize President Aliyev’s vision “to convert black gold into human gold” in Azerbaijan.