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Booths in the IGF Village are available to interested organizations who would like to display or distribute information on their IGF related activities. The booths should be non commercial in nature. The number of booths may be limited and distribution will depend on interest. There is no charge for a booth.


The Booths are  3 linear meters by 1 meters in height. The back of the booth will have 3 linear metres, with the tables and chairs it will be approximately 3 x 2 metres.


Booths will be equipped with one table, two chairs and a power outlet.

The panels are velcro receptive,  velcro dots can be provided upon request. Literature racks are also available upon request. Limited number of equipments such as LCDs and PCs are available to rent.

Booths can fit the maximum number of 3 chairs. The additional chair will be provided upon request, please consider that this may limit the space.

Multiple extensions will be provided per booth. The extensions have 4 plugs. Please bear in mind that the power core plugs are UK style with 3 pins.

The name of the booth

Name of the organizations and initiatives will be printed on 1 meter (w) by 30 cms (h) signs. Please bear in mind that no logos will be accepted to be displayed. Only the indicated names will be displayed.

Location and Access

Booths are oging to be located on the upper concourse which leads directly to the conference rooms, the main cafeteria, the Sergio de Mello Library, a travel agency and UN offices and gives access to the lower concourse as well as the upper fountain area

You can have access to booths on the 23 September 2011

Please refer to the link below to find more information


Shipping materials

If you need to ship materials to be displayed at your booths, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.