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Internet Governance Forum
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Webcasts for the events listed below are not yet available on the IGF YouTube Channel. Efforts are under way to publish the videos as soon as possible.


Day 1 - 27 September

Opening ceremony

Opening session

Dynamic Coalitions Child Online Safety

Dynamic Coalitions Internet Rights and Principles

IG4D 144 Human Rights Come First: a Constitutional Moment for Internet Governance

AD 113 Access and Diversity of Broadband Internet Access

SOP 130 Protecting the Most Vulnerable Users in Society: The Roles of Different Actors in Helping the New User Survive in an On-Line World

EI 98 Emerging Issues in the ccTLD Ecosystem: The Next Decade Challenges  CENTR

Day 2 - 28 September

Inter regional Dialogue session

AD 136/137: Implementing Good Practices in Accessibility for an Inclusive Society / Mainstreaming the Disability Perspective for an Inclusive Society

DC 3 Dynamic Coalitions - Core Internet Values

DC 4 Dynamic Coalitions -  Freedom of Expression

Other 201 Proprietary Influences in Free and Open Source Software: Lessons to Open and Universal Internet Standards

SOP 212 Privacy and Security in an Open/Realtime/Linked Data World

AD 87 Citizen Empowerment through the Social use of ICTs

Cybervolunteers Foundation

EI 192/109 Mobile Internet, its Regulation and its Connection with Internet Governance / Mobile Internet: Enhancing the New Age of the Internet

EI 8  Are Schools Protecting their Staff?

Council of Europe open forum : Internet governance strategy 2012-2015

AD 2 Digital Citizenship - A Charter of Children's and Young People's Rights in the Online World

AD 112/76 Securing the Future of Youths Through ICT's / The Challenges to Access from a Youth and Global Perspective

TS 166 Enhancing Understanding: Facilitating Internet Governance Through Openness and Transparency

SOP 438 The Business of Human Rights: Corporate Responsibility and ICTs

SOP 118 Global Principles for the Stability and Resilience of the Internet

IG4D 417  Can Digital Citizenship Scale into the Emerging and Developing Countries Effectively? Should It?

SOP 441 Framework for International Cooperation on Child Online Protection

Day 3 - 29 September

SOP 160  Global Trends to Watch: The Erosion of Privacy and Anonymity and The Need of Transparency of Government Access Requests

Main Session: Access and Diversity

Main Session: Security, Openness, and Privacy

DC 5 Dynamic Coalitions, Gender and Internet Governance

DC 6 Dynamic Coalitions , Youth Coalition on Internet Governance

AD 199 The Future of the Internet and its Impact on the World: A Scenarios Summit

AD 67 e-Participation Principles

SOP 77/20 Exporting the Internet: Human Rights and Technology / Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet -

AD 92 Challenging Myths about Young People and the Internet Practical Participation

AD 138 How Can We Reach the Media Have-Nots of the Developed and Developing Worlds?

Open Forum: European Commission

The Internet Compact: the essentials for the Internet of the future

EI 181 How can Internet Governance Impact Disaster Preparedness and Response and Help Save Lives?

AD 91 m-Government for Effective and Inclusive Public Services

Other 93 Multistakeholder Internet Public Policy Dialogue: Lessons Learned and Best Practices Examples of Local to Global Policy Dialogue

DC 7 Dynamic Coalition  On the Internet of Things

Commonwealth IGF: The Cyber Crime Initiative

Internet Society: Open Forum on Internet Standards

CIR 165 Understanding IPv6 Deployment and Transition

EI 79 Copyright Under a Magnifying Glass: Thought Provoking Ideas
Internet Society"

Open Forum: ICANN Hear the latest on new gTLDs, IDNs and DNSSEC

EI 80/184 Use of Digital Technologies for Civic Engagement and Political Change: Lessons Learned

IG4D 183 A Possible Framework for Global Net Neutrality

EI 108 Mobile and Cloud Services for Development

Day 4 -30 September

IG4D 125 Parliamentarian Challenge: A Round Table between Parliamentarians and Other Stakeholders

Main Session: Critical Internet Resources

Main Session: Taking Stock and the Way Forward

Closing Ceremony

Dynamic Coalitions Climate Change

EI 16 (139) Green ICTs and Innovation

UNESCO Open Forum

Discussion on Formulating Africa IGF

CIR 70 On the Outside, Looking In: Real-World Solutions to Effective Participation

OECD Open Forum Global principles for an open Internet

EI 63 SWOT Analysis of the Impact of Mobile Internet on Internet Governance in Africa AfriNIC Consensus building on Internet's universality, integrity and openness

EI 175 Role of Policy Maker: Regulators in Better Governance of Internet

AD 12 Connectivity and Access in Sub-Saharah Africa: Status, Challenges and Opportunities