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Jean-Guy Carrier became Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce on 24 January 2011. He is also Director of Programmes for ICC’s Research Foundation.

Mr Carrier has initiated and led research-based publishing and public information programmes for various international and national organizations, most recently for the World Trade Organization (WTO), from 1996 to 2008.

As publisher and chief editor he developed the WTO’s extensive publishing and Internet-based public information programmes, focused on research and information about the multilateral trading system. He initiated the WTO Reference Centre programme, a network of computerized WTO information and research centres established in the trade ministries of over 100 developing countries.

Mr Carrier is the author of six books and has held senior positions with the International Institute for Systems Analysis in Vienna, Austria, the Economic Council of Canada, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and with global communications consulting firms. His clients as a consulting executive were mainly multinational companies.  He has contributed numerous articles for print and electronic media.  

Mr Carrier was born in Canada and has lived and worked in many regions of the world in the course of his international career.