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My appreciation for technology started in 1981 when I joined the Air Force of Zimbabwe as an apprenticeship in Air Traffic Control & Communications. Leaving the Air Force in 1984, I joined the Foreign Ministry on a diplomatic career. My first diplomatic posting as a Consular Officer to Kenya in East Africa lasted for six years till 1996. Back at the Capital, I was elected into a team working on the e-Government project feasibility study. I then joined the e-government project implementation team which required me to undergo several ICT (Information & Communication Technology) training courses.

Between 1998 and 2000 I was posted to the Democratic Republic of Congo as a Consular Officer. Thereafter, I returned to the Capital and continued my duties in server management in the e-government project. I latter became the head of training department for the project while pursuing undergraduate studies in Applied-ICT at the University of Zimbabwe. My third diplomatic posting to New York, USA started in 2006. I currently represent my country in the Administrative & Budgetary Committee of the United Nations. My other activities include attending multilateral ICT conferences at UN headquarters and serving on the Board of Directors for Zimele USA (a non-profit organization engaged in poverty alleviation in South Africa).
I joined the online capacity building program from Diplo Foundation in early 2010. To date I completed three phases in Internet Governance up to Policy Research Implementation, of which my research paper was published together with other elected “Emerging Leaders.” I had the honor to attend the Internet Governance Forum 2010 in Vilnius, Lithuania which gave me invaluable insights into IGF in action. My collective exposure to UN debates, the IGF and ICTs in general is my inspiration for wanting to serve the forum at this level.