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IGF Theme(s) for workshop: Managing Critical Internet Resources

Main theme question address by workshop: Question1: What are the effects of jurisdiction and territoriality on the ongoing discussions

Concise description of the proposed workshop:

The Internet is main driving force of the modern economy. Economic growth is sustained by availability of a secure Internet. As a consequence the daily lives of more and more institutions, companies and people have become ever more dependent on the Internet. With this dependency safe use and a secure Internet access as such have become a necessity for all involved in order to sustain future development and growth. Trust in this critical infrastructure is an important asset.

While the relevance of the Internet grows, cross border trade, data storing and sharing, hosting and registrations have become common standard, law enforcement and CERTs are still held back by national borders, making international cooperation a slow and difficult process. Any crime against a critical Internet resource involves almost certainly data and persons located in other countries. In fact it could be anywhere in the world. In order to amend, prevent and investigate individual cases, it is necessary that this data is somehow accessible for CERTs, companies or law enforcement in a timely but legal manner. Present measure like the 24/7 network are a step forward, but not the answer. A new frame work for cooperation is necessary. Does the Internet need an internationally accepted law or treaty like The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)?

This session stages a panel discussion between stakeholders on the most important issues surrounding jurisdictional and territorial restrictions for those involved in incident response and case handling. The panel, holding politicians, incident response, critical infrastructure, law enforcement, parliamentarians and supra national bodies, in the form a debate try to define the main issues, debate potential solutions and propose next steps on the road to change.

Background Paper:


Name of the organiser(s) of the workshop and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups:

ECP on behalf of the IGF-NL, (ECP-EPN | Platform for the Information Society wants to take barriers for the implementation and acceptance of ICT away to the benefit of our economy and society, and in order to strengthen our international competitive position. In addition, ECP-EPN (also at a political-governmental level) draws attention to a number of specific themes such as growth of productivity, strengthening of competitiveness and the European Digital Agenda. One of it programs is the public-private partnership NL IGF. NL IGF prepairs for the IGF and provides good embedding of the results of the IGF in national policy)
Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & innovation

Have you, or any of your co-organisers, organised an IGF workshop before?: Yes

Please provide link(s) to workshop(s) or report(s):


Provide the names and affiliations of the panellists you are planning to invite:

  • Council of Europe, Christina Schulman
  • European Commission, Mrs. Malmström
  • European parliament, Marietje Schaake
  • United Nations, TBC
  • Interpol, TBC
  • CERT, Elly van den Heuvel
  • Serious Organised Crime Agency, Sharon Lemon
  • U.S. government representative, TBC
  • Critical Infrastructure, Annemarie Zielstra
  • African representative, TBC
  • Asian representative, TBC
  • Two Dutch Students (both male and female)


Name of Remote Moderator(s):

Sophie Veraart, NL IGF - ECP