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IGF Theme(s) for workshop: Access and Diversity

Main theme question address by workshop: Question 6

Concise description of the proposed workshop:

We would like to initiate the discussion on the need for Capacity building programs and initiatives in the field of use of ICTs by vulnerable people and for their better social and economic inclusion into the Information society that will facilitate participation in sustainable human development.
The present workshop proposal is the continuation of the Vilnius (WS 109) and Nairobi (WS 126) discussions on the use of ICT’s by vulnerable people.
During two preceding workshops a discussion was started on the use of ICTs by vulnerable people and the best practices exchange of existing initiatives for better involvement of vulnerable people into the Information society was initiated.
We would like to propose a discussion on the need for Capacity building Initiatives at different levels in order to enhance the process of involvement of vulnerable people (using the notion of vulnerable people as defined by the Tunis Agenda and Geneva Declaration of Principles) in the Information society.
Capacity building initiatives would increase capacities of different actors to better involve vulnerable people in the Information society to ensure equal participation in the process of sustainable economic, social and first of all human development.

The questions to be raised in the multistakeholder environment during the workshop are the following:
- Do we need to continue the discussion on the use of ICTs by vulnerable people?
- Why to pay particular attention to vulnerable people and their participation in the Information society?
- How to better facilitate participation of vulnerable people in the Information society?
- Do we need to develop and promote the development of Capacity building initiatives all over the world for equal participation of vulnerable people in the Information society?
- What are the existing capacity building initiatives in the field?
- What can be the format of such initiatives in different continents/ countries? How can it be approached in developing countries?
- How to allow vulnerable people to participate in the development of the Capacity building initiatives?
- Do we need to pay particular attention and develop specific Initiatives for vulnerable Women and Youth? How to apply this approach when developing the capacity building initiatives?

Background Paper:

Name of the organiser(s) of the workshop and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups:

Ms Yuliya Morenets-TaC-Together against Cybercrime-Civil Society

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