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Region: Africa


Poncelet Ileleji  is a computer scientist by profession with 16 years in the field, for the last 14 years he has been involved with the use of ICT as
a tool for sustainable development both as a lecturer and consultant for the Gambia YMCAs, where he is the coordinator of the computer training centre and digital studio.

Poncelet was also the country coordinator for the World Links program in the Gambia (www.world-links.org) during the program cycle in the Gambia (2001 to 2005)-

He is Member of the British Computer Society, (www.bcs.org) and also Mirandanet (www.mirandanet.ac.uk). He his a founding member of the Information Technology Association of the Gambia and was elected president of the Association in March 2010 (www.itag.gm). He  is the national expert of the World Summit Award expert panel for the Gambia(http://www.wsis-award.org/) . He has also presented several presentations and papers, on ICT and sustainable development, notably, The Internet and Africa from a sub Saharan perspective – Paper presentation at the Association For The Advancement Of Computing In Education (AACE) in Orlando , Florida – Nov 2001 and the World Congress on Communication for Development, October 2006 in Rome.  He also has a post graduate in Health Informatics from the University of Plymouth, and he has being involved with the West African Internet Governance Forum (www.waigf.org)  as national resource person for the Gambia, and has undergone the various Diplo foundation including the Foundation, Advance and Training Tutor program, he is a  member of the diplo Internet Governance community and keen follower of Internet governance issues including ICT for development programs geared towards sustainable development.  He is an active member of the e learning Africa community organized annually by ICWE (http://www.icwe.net/) and has chaired sessions in e learning Africa conferences in Tanzania 2011 and presented a paper at the e learning Africa conference in Dakar, Senegal . He is also part of the Africa Research Network for ICT for Development and has partaken in the ICTD conferences in Holloway College, University of London 2010 and ICTD conference in Georgia Tech University 2012. Educated in Nigeria, United Kingdom and the USA.