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The Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) in its meeting on 1 March 2013 agreed to modify the procedure for the selection of workshops.
They advised that a preliminary call for workshop proposals be issued. Workshop proponents should include a concise description of the thematic area of interest and other pertinent information in their submissions. The proposals could focus on the priority themes identified by the open consultations/MAG meetings or could also introduce other themes. (These can be found in the annex of the MAG summary report:.)
The MAG recommended that a two track process be followed:
  • For organizers of workshops  in 2011 or 2012 IGF meeting the submission of a preliminary proposal by 25 March 2013 was mandatory. The deadline has now passed. In order for a preliminary workshop  proposal to be considered by the MAG it has to be published. The MAG members will go through and assess the preliminary proposals. The MAG through the Secretariat will then invite selected workshop proponents to submit full and complete workshop proposals by 30 April 2013 based on these preliminary proposals. Workshop proponents with similar proposals may be asked to work together to develop a single fully-fledged proposal. Workshop proponents cannot significantly change the topic of an approved proposal.
  • In order to broaden the base of workshop organizers, the MAG welcomes new comers. First time proponents are encouraged to but do not need to submit preliminary workshop proposals.They do however have to submit a full and complete workshop proposal by 30 April 2013. The Secretariat will re-open the call for proposals for the newcomers after the initial assessment of  the preliminary workshop proposals by the MAG.The Secretariat stands ready to assist new workshop proponents in any way.
**As a result of the above MAG recommendations the IGF Secretariat issued a preliminary call for workshop proposals. The deadline for submitting workshop proposals has now passed.
A new registration is required to submit a preliminary proposal
The template is as follows:
1. Workshop working title  (max 60 characters):
2. Concise description of broader thematic area of interest (max 500 characters):
3. Concise description of specific issues or policy questions to be addressed (max 500 characters):
4. Indication of workshop format:
a. Panel*
b. Roundtable
c. Free discussion (with one or two moderators)
d. Other (please describe)
* Names of speakers are not required at this stage.
* New workshop organizers are encouraged.