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Orientation sessions are intended for both newcomers to the IGF and those that are already involved but would need to get a more holistic view of internet governance. It will gather experts, fellows, decision-makers and practitioners to “dive in” process, actors and topics related to the Internet governance. The sessions will be serious but amusing, creative but also informative, open but also guided in order to be effective.


Day 4: 8.00-9.30, Main Hall

Set up: Panelist from the audience & audience (classroom setting)

Participants: All Stakeholders

Main focus: Next steps: getting involved with Internet governance after IGF Bali (IGF14, WSIS+10, national and regional IGFs, e-participation)

Time: 90 mins

(10min) Introduction: Ice breaker

  • How did you find the third day?


(10min) Snapshot of Day 4

  • “Taking Stocks / Emerging Issues”
  • “Open Microphone session”

(60min) Involvement beyond IGF2013

  • Getting engaged/involved on national and regional level - how and why?
  • Inclusiveness: Involving the persons with disabilities, youth and indigenous groups?
  • Capacity building mechanisms and programmes
  • Continued engagement: e-participation
  • Beyond 2013: Towards IGF14 and WSIS+10
  • Q & A – Open Discussion

(10min) Capacity Building “Taking Stocks”

  • What can be improved for IGF2014?