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Ms. Andersdotter is a member of Sweden’s Pirate Party, which supports reform of copyright law and protection of citizens' right to privacy. From 2007-2010 she was the international coordinator of the Pirate Party’s youth wing, which is one of the largest youth organizations in Sweden. Her political advocacy focuses on information policy, privacy and industrial policy. A longtime critic of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, her advice to reject it was carried by the European Parliament's ITRE committee, the first of parliamentary committees to propose a rejection of the agreement. Other committees soon followed in the rejection. Ultimately the agreement was soundly rejected by the European Parliament. Other areas she has worked on include a proposal for a recast of the Union's Re-use of Public Sector Information Directive where she has publicly criticized the Swedish government for resisting the proposed changes in access and cost regimes. She is also a known supporter of public investments in fibre-to-the-home infrastructures. She has managed dossiers on eID, worked on Data Protection, and has been critical of standardization that does not respect local legal frameworks. She has attended the IGF multiple times, and is a well-known speaker.