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Video clips and written statements*

1 Bob Khan CEO and President of the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)  [Video Clip
2 Vint Cerf Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google (Video)  [Video Clip]     [pdf]
3 Samuel Poghisio  Minister for Information and Communication, Kenya   [Video Clip
4 Rajesh Chharia President, Internet Service Providers Association of India  [Video Clip
5 Felipe Costi Santarosa Head of the Information Society Division, Ministry of External Relations, Brazil  [Video Clip
6 Akram Chowdhury  Member of Parliament, Bangladesh   [Video Clip]
Malcolm Johnson  Director, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Standardization Bureau  [Video Clip]      
Talal Abu Ghazalah  UN GAID Chairman  [Video Clip]      [pdf]
9 Ambassador Ferry de Kerckhove  Ambassador of Canada to Egypt  [Video Clip]
10  Chen Yin  Head, Delegation of China  [Video Clip]
11  Maria Häll  Deputy Director IT Policy, Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, Sweden, Representing the EU Presidency  [Video Clip]     [doc]
12  Mogens Schmidt  UNESCO  [Video Clip]
13 Rod Beckstrom CEO and President, ICANN   [Video Clip]
14  Masanobu Katoh  Keidanren, Japan [Video Clip]
15  Abdullah Al Darrab  Saudi Arabia, Government  [Video Clip]
16  Bill Graham  Global Strategic Engagement, The Internet Society  [Video Clip]
17 Waudo Siganga  WITSA Vice Chairman for Africa, Chairman, Computer Society of Kenya  [Video Clip
18 Ayesha Hassan  Senior Policy Manager, E-Business, IT and Telecoms, ICC BASIS  [Video Clip]
19  Richard Beaird  Deputy Coordinator, International Communications and Information Policy, Department of State, United States  [Video Clip]
20  Vladimir Radunovic  DiploFoundation  [Video Clip]
21  Parminder Singh Jeet  IT for Change  [Video Clip]       [pdf]
22  Andrew Miller  Member of the UK Parliament  [Video Clip]
23  Konstantin Kladouras  ETNO, Chairman ETNO IGV-Working Group, Head of Regulatory Strategy Section  [Video Clip]
24  Olga Cavalli  Adviser for Technology, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina  [Video Clip]
25  Lambert Van Nistelrooij  Member of the European Parliament  [Video Clip]
26  Liesyl Franz  Vice President, Information Security and Global Public Policy, TechAmerica  [Video Clip
27  Mactar Seck  United Nations Economic Commission for Africa  [Video Clip
28  Johan Ekman  Bureau Member, Institutional Relations, Council of Europe, European Youth Forum  [Video Clip]
29  Peter Voss  Head of Division, International Policy for Information & Communication Technologies, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany  [Video Clip]
30  Anupam Agrawal  Chair, Kolkata Chapter of Internet Society, India  [Video Clip]
31  Bertrand de La Chapelle  Délégué Spécial pour la Société de l'Information, Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes, France  [Video Clip
32  Ana Cristina Amoroso das Neves  Head International Affairs, Knwowleldge Society Agency (UMIC), Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher education, Portugal  [Video Clip]     [doc]
33  Willie Currie  Communications and Information Policy Programme Manager, Association for Progressive Communications (APC)  [Video Clip]
34  Giacomo Mazzone  World Broadcasting Union  [Video Clip]
35  William J. Drake  Senior Associate, Centre for International Governance Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva  [Video Clip
36  Thomas Schneider  Coordinator international Information Society International Affairs. Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication DETEC. Federal Office of Communications OFCOM. Switzerland  [Video Clip]       [doc]
37  Charles Mok  Chairman, Internet Society Hong Kong  [Video Clip
38  Y. J. Park  Delft University of Technology [Video Clip
39  Zahid Jamil  Senior Partner and Barrister-at-Law, Jamil & Jamil  [Video Clip
40  Sue Baxter  Head of UK delegation. Head of EU & International Competitiveness Unit, Department for, Business, Innovation and Skills  [Video Clip
41  Gao Xinmin  Vice President, Internet Society China  [Video Clip
42  Lillian O. Sharpley  NRO (AFRINIC Communication Manager)  [Video Clip
43  Wolfgang Benedict for Ian Peter  Internet Governance Caucus  [Video Clip
44  Jyrki Kasvi  Member of Parliament, Vice chair, Committee for the Future, Finland  [Video Clip
45  Heather Creech  Director, Global Connectivity, International Institute for Sustainable Development   [Video Clip
46  Frédéric Riehl Chair, UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development. (Director International Relations, Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication, DETEC. Switzerland)  [Video Clip] 
47  Christine Arida  Director of Telecom Planning and Services, National Telecom Regulatory Authority, Egypt [Video Clip


 Statements submitted in writing

  • Singapore, Infocomm Development Authority [pdf]
  • AT&T [doc]
  • Cisco [doc]
  • Consumers International [txt]
  • Verizon [doc]
  • The Freedom of Expression and the Media Online Dynamic Coalition [txt]
  • Dynamic Coalition on Open Standards on the Continuation of the Internet Governance Forum [txt]

Statements submitted after the 18 November deadline

Government of India [txt]
Gender Dynamic Coalition [pdf]

*In this page are some short video clips collected during the Taking Stock and Looking Forward session in 2009. These videos were captured and posted on social media (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) by the IGF community and may not be complete. For the official verbatim transcript of these sessions please visit http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/2009/sharm_el_Sheikh/Transcripts/Sharm%20El%20Sheikh%2018%20November%20Stock%20Taking%20Part%20I.pdf and http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/2009/sharm_el_Sheikh/Transcripts/Sharm%20El%20Sheikh%2018%20November%202009%20Stock%20Taking%20II.txt and http://www.un.org/webcast/igf/ondemand.asp