The Ninth Annual IGF Meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on 2-5 September 2014. The venue of the meeting is Lütfi Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC). The overarching theme for the meeting is: "Connecting Continents for Enhanced Multistakeholder Internet Governance" with the following subthemes.

Under-Secretary-General Wu Hongbo has issued an official invitation to the Ninth Annual Internet Governance Forum Meeting. The draft programme paper for the 9th IGF is available. It is a rolling document which will be updated as the preparatory process for the Istanbul meeting progresses.

[NEWOnline registration to the IGF 2014 is has closed. Onsite registration will begin at the Lütfi Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Center (ICEC) on 30 August at 10 am and will be open until 8pm on Sunday and Monday. Members of the press are expected to bring the following supporting documentation

A provisional list of registered participants for the IGF 2014 meeting is now available.

[NEWA new schedule (v1.2) for the 9th IGF Annual Meeting is availablePlease note that some modifications may occur.

[NEWA provisional list of speakers in the Opening Session is now available.

Remote hubs registration deadline has passed.

Media accreditation for IGF meetings takes place in accordance with the United Nations accreditation requirements. The list of requirements is accessible here. Journalists interested in applying for accreditation for the IGF 2014 meeting are invited to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for Media accreditation registrations is the 22 August.

Details on visas, accommodations, and other information can be found on the host country website -

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Remote Participation

[NEW]  The password for all the virtual rooms is IGF14.

Workshop Room NumberTimeSession TitleRemote Participation LinkWebcast Link
Workshop Room 2 9:00 NETmundial: Looking Back, Learning Lessons and Mapping the Road Ahead (including a book launch - Beyond NETmundial: The Roadmap for Institutional Improvements to the Global Internet Governance Ecosystem) Click to join the session
Workshop Room 3 9:00 Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet) - 9th Annual Symposium Click to join the session
Workshop Room 6 9:00 Sex, Rights and Internet Governance Click to join the session
Workshop Room 8 9:00 Collaborative Leadership Exchange on Multistakeholder Participation Click to join the session
Workshop Room 10 9:00 Pre-Conference Seminar for CLDP Supported Delegations Click to join the session
Workshop Room 4 10:00 Integration of diasporas and displaced people through ICT Click to join the session
Workshop Room 9 10:30 Consultation on CSTD ten-year review of WSIS: Latin American and the Caribbean perspective Click to join the session
Workshop Room 5 12:00 Empowering grassroots level organizations through the .NGO top level domain Click to join the session
Workshop Room 4 12:30 GF Support Association Click to join the session
Workshop Room 7 14:00 A safe, secure, sustainable Internet and the role of stakeholders Click to join the session
Workshop Room 9 14:00 Supporting Innovation on Internet Development in the global south through evaluation, research communication and resource mobilization Click to join the session
Workshop Room 4 15:00 Multilingualism applied in Africa Click to join the session
Workshop Room 5 15:00 Governance in a Mobile Social Web – Finding the Markers Click to join the session


IGF 2014 – Sessions

IGF Best Practice Forums

Open Call to join IGF Best Practices Forums Preparatory Process
All interested stakeholders are invited to join the the preparatory process for the 2014 Best Practice Forums.
Stakeholders are also invited to submit written contributions documenting best practices to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[NEW] All stakeholders are invited to comment the draft IGF Best Practices by 5 September 2014 -  

IGF Workshops

A List of all workshop proposals and their respective status (accepted, merger, not retained) is now availableWorkshop organisers can consult the Resource Persons List if they need to identify new panelists for their workshops.

[NEWWorkshop Evaluation Forms are available here.

[NEWIGF 2014 Evaluation Survey is available here.


IGF Open Forums

The deadline (11 May 2014) for submission of Open Forum proposals for the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Internet Governance Forum has passed. 

IGF Pre-events                                                                                                                            

IGF pre-events will be held on 1 September 2014. The deadline for requests (5 July) has passed. All requests will be reviewed by the IGF Secretariat, and slots will be allocated taking into account space availability and the requests received.

IGF Booth Requests

The deadline for booth requests (30 June) has passed.

IGF 2014 – Preparatory Process 
Call for Public Input - Relevant Policy Questions 

The IGF Secretariat made a Call for Public Input for relevant policy questions to shape the discussions at the IGF 2014 meeting. The deadline for sending contributions (August 4) has passed. Submitted contributions have been compiled and published here.

Call for Information

The MAG Chair issued a Call for Information on concrete actions and decisions that have been taken by different stakeholders as a result of the engagement and discussions of Internet related issues at the various IGFs (international, regional or national). The deadline for sending contributions has passed. The full text of the call is available here. Submitted contributions have been compiled and published here

Press Release: United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed Jānis Kārkliņš of Latvia to be the Chair of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group of the Internet Governance Forum.

Open letter to the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group and Stakeholders of the Internet Governance Forum by Mr. WU Hongbo Under-Secretary-General of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). 

The May Open Consultations and MAG meeting were held on 19-21 May at the UNESCO Headquarters. The transcripts are available.The summary report of the 19 -21 May Meeting is available here.


Virtual MAG Meetings - Summary Reports

[NEWSummary Report  -   Virtual MAG Meeting 19 August
Summary Report -  Virtual MAG Meeting 8 July
Other Virtual MAG Meeting Summary Reports available here.

Statement attributable to the Spokesman for the Secretary-General  on intent of the United States to Transition Key Internet Domain Name Functions

19-20 February Open Consultations and MAG meetings

The first round of Open Consultations and MAG meetings were held on 19-20 February 2014 in Room XIX at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Summary Report of the Open Consultations and MAG Meeting is available.

19 February, 2014 IGF Open Consultations and MAG Meeting - Full Transcript

20 February, 2014 IGF Consultations and MAG Meeting - Full Transcript


Preparing the 2014 IGF

Request for public input: The Secretariat put out a call for general reflections on IGF 2013 and recommendations for the IGF 2014  and suggestions or ideas for issues to be discussed at the 2014 IGF. Responses to this call are available under Contributions related to the Open Consultations February, 2014. A synthesis paper of the contributions is available.

The 2014 Multistakeholder Advisory Group has been renewed.