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'Battle for free user generated content'


Do we really want to speak freely?

-  The topic concerns recent developments in different national and International courts that are setting standards for intermediary prior-control for free speech.

-  Do we value our privacy rights over our freedom of expression? What are our wishes as users? As intermediaries? Other stakeholders?

-  How to tackle offensive and potentially other illegal content online?


Karmen Turk, lawyer, member of the Dynamic Coalition of Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media on the Internet, of the UN Internet Governance Forum and drafting participant, Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet (TBC)

Richard Allan, Facebook Director of Policy, EMEA (TBC)

Ebele Okobi, Yahoo Global Head & Senior Legal Director, Human Rights (TBC)

Gabrielle Guillemin, Article 19 (TBC)

Moderator: Ben Wagner or Angela Daly (TBC)

Remote moderator: TBC