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Created On Friday, 09 May 2014 13:44
  • Organization
    ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC)
  • Open Forum Title
    GAC Open Forum
  • Description
    Members of the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee, GAC, welcome all interested to this Open Forum. We plan for it to be an opportunity to get to know and better understand the GAC and its role in the internet governance ecosystem. Volunteer GAC-members will describe the operation and dynamics of the GAC that leads to the Communiqué that follows each GAC meeting. You will take part of examples of how GAC-members prepare at their capitals for GAC-meetings, how the GAC agenda and work priorities are established and how members interact during the meeting and intersessional to arrive at consensus GAC positions. Presentations will include the role of GAC and GAC advice in the ICANN by-laws. GAC-members may share narrations of negotiations in the GAC. The purpose with this information session is for the GAC to reach out and increase transparency and understanding of our role and deliberations. We plan a format with presentations and lively interaction. Your active participation is very welcome!
  • Speakers
    Thomas Schneider, Switzerland
    Jandyr Santos, Brazil
    Wanawit Ahkuputra, Thailand
    Ashwin Sasongko, Indonesia
    Olga Cavalli, Argentina
    Peter Major, Hungary
    Manal Ismail, Egypt
    Imad Y. Hobballah, Lebanon
    Alice Munyua, African Union Commission

    1100 Welcome
    Moderator: Anders Hektor, Sweden
    Background and purpose for this session and what will happen.

    Remote moderator: Ana Neves, Portugal

    1105 GAC Basics
    Thomas Schneider, Switzerland
    Institutional and political context: GAC in the By-Laws, & GAC Operating Procedures, Members, Representatives & Observers, Chair & Vice-Chairs, and related.
    + GAC web, Online register, support from ICANN for travel, training, newcomers, etc.

    1115 Preparing to participate, Intersessional work and Working Groups
    Jandyr Santos , Brazil / Wanawit Ahkuputra, Thailand / Ashwin Sasongko, Indonesia / Olga Cavalli, Argentina / Peter Major, Hungary
    The moderator interviews members on their position or role in their government, other responsibilities in their work portfolio, resources/opportunity to participate in GAC meetings and intersessional work, preparing for meetings etc.

    Manal Ismail, Egypt
    Overview of Working Groups and the degree of work going on outside of meetings.

    1135 GAC-Communique
    Imad Y. Hobballah, Lebanon
    Structuring, negotiating and writing the Communique.

    Alice Munyua, African Union Commission
    Narrative of historical GAC-Advice that illustrates that outcome is a negotiated result.

    1155 Q&A
    Questions and discussion / Feed-back & comments to improve future GAC Open Forums are welcome at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    1230 End