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All workshop sessions must include a Rapporteur. The purpose of the Rapporteur is to observe the session and to synthesize the discussion into a standard report format, which is outlined below. The report must be submitted to the IGF Secretariat no later than 2 weeks following the IGF event. If a report is not filed within 2 weeks, then the workshop proponents will not be allowed to submit a proposal for the IGF 2017.


Reporting Template for IGF Workshop Sessions


Session title:





Workshop Organiser:




Rapporteur/Note Taker:


List of Speakers and their institutional affiliations:



Key Issues raised (1 sentence per issue):



If there are Presentations during the workshop session, please provide a 1-paragraph summary for each Presentation



Please describe the Discussions that took place during the workshop session: (3 paragraphs)



Please describe any Participant suggestions regarding the way forward/ potential next steps /key takeaways: (3 paragraphs)