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IGF initiatives  calendar of events

IGF initiatives 2013 calendar of events is available here . If you would like to publicize your meeting on the IGF website please contact igf[at]unog.ch.

The Inter-regional dialogue sessions transcripts

IGF Regional and National Initiatives: Data Collection Summary and Preliminary Analysis

Inter-regional dialogue session - IGF 2013

Inter-regional dialogue session - IGF 2012

Inter-regional dialogue session - IGF 2011

IGF initiatives organizational principles

Regional and national IGF initiatives should follow the principles and practices of open, inclusive, non commercial, and multi-stakeholder participation in both formulation of the initiative and in any other initiative related events.

In order to be listed on the IGF website as an IGF initiative, IGF initiatives should provide the following information to the IGF Secretariat:

1. A report of past activities indicating the members of the initiative

2. A list of main organizers comprising at least three representatives of different stakeholder groups

3. A dedicated webpage or website, with a contact person and a working email address

The IGF initiatives are kindly requested to include in their reports the following:

Description of the organising process
Description of how the multi-stakeholder model is maintained 
The published agenda
The total number of attendees and a break down of attendance for each stakeholder group at the IGF initiatives meetings

List of National and Regional IGF Initiatives 2011

List of National and Regional IGF Initiatives 2012

List of National and Regional IGF Initiatives 2013/2014

Regional IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports 2013
African IGF http://www.uneca.org/afigf  
Arab IGF http://www.igfarab.org  (English)  Arab IGF Annual Report 2013
Asia Pacific IGF http://www.aprigf.asia/  APrIGF Annual Report 2013
Central Africa IGF http://it4all.org/fgi-ac/  IGF-AC Annual Report 2013
Commonwealth IGF http://www.commonwealthigf.org  
East Africa IGF  http://www.eaigf.or.ke  
European Dialogue on IGF (EuroDIG) http://www.eurodig.org EuroDIG Annual Report 2013
IGF Latin American and Caribbean Regional Preparatory Meeting for the IGF (LAC IGF) http://www.lacigf.org/en/lacigf7/index.html  
Persian IGF http://persianigf.org/ Persian IGF  Communication Message
Southern Africa IGF http://www.nepad.org/forum/southern-africa-internet-governance-forum-saigf  
West Africa IGF http://www.waigf.org WAIGF Annual Report 2013


National IGF Initiatives Websites Annual Reports 2013
Regional Internet Governance Forum of Azerbaijan  http://rigf.az/  
Bangladesh IGF http://www.bigf.org  
Benin IGF http://www.waigf.org/pays/benin

Benin IGF Annual Report 2013

Benin IGF Annual Release 2013

Canada IGF http://cif.cira.ca Canada IGF Annual Report 2013
Danish IGF http://www.fremtidensinternet.dk/  
Finnish Internet Forum http://www.internetforum.fi/home.html   
Germany IGF http://www.igf-d.org  
Italy IGF http://www.igf-italia.it  
Kenya IGF http://isoc-ke.org/?page_id=173  
Malta IGF http://www.mca.org.mt/migf/about-migf Malta IGF Annual Report 2013
New Zealand IGF http://nethui.org.nz NetHui Report 2013
Netherlands IGF http://www.nligf.nl/  
Nigeria IGF http://www.nigf.org.ng Nigeria IGF 2013 Annual Report
Portugal IGF http://www.governacaodainternet.pt/  
Russia IGF http://rigf.ru Russia IGF Annual Report 2013
Tunisian IGF http://www.igf.tn/ Tunisian IGF Communiqué 2013
Uganda IGF http://www.eaigf.or.ke/nigfs/uigf.html  
Ukraine IGF http://igf-ua.org/en  Ukraine IGF Report
United Kingdom IGF         http://www.ukigf.org.uk  
 IGF USA  http://www.igf-usa.us/  


Others Websites Annual Reports 2013
Youth IGF Project http://www.youthigfproject.com Youth IGF Project Annual Report 2013
Youth IGF http://www.youthigf.com
German Youth IGF http://www.jugend-igf-d.de  
Youth IGF (Asia Pacific) http://www.yigf.asia 
Youth IGF (Asia Pacific) Annual Report 2013