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Stakeholder Group: Civil Society

Region: Africa


Born in 1971, I graduated in Education Sciences at the University of Burundi in 2001. I got involved into ICT matters in 2001, when my collegues and I set up the BYTC. We aim at training others youths on ICTs.

I got involved into Internet Governance domain in 2007 when I successfuly attended the online training on Internet Governance led by Diplo Foundation. I bacame a tutor for the French group in the same capacity building programme the next year and until now.

In 2008, I physically attended the IGF held in Hyderabad India.

In 2010, I worked as a fellow at the IGF Secretariat during 6 months.

During the same year, I have coordinated the IGF 2010 IGF remote hub set up in Bujumbura, my city of residence.

In 2011, I have been tutoring the francophone group during the online training phase of the ISOC's Next Generation Leaders.