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Mr. Wisdom Donkor is a Ghanaian and is currently working with National Information Technology Agency (NITA) as it engineer. Currently he is the IT Manager of the agency and the Technical lead person for the Ghana Open Data Initiative Project. Wisdom has specialization in e-government, Networks and infrastructure, software and database consolidation, Internet Governance, Open Government Data and Human Resource Planning and Development.  He also lectures part time at the Ghana Telecom University College (Centre for Professional Development Unit) and was the immediate past Vice General Secretary of the Internet Society Ghana Chapter. Wisdom has been an ICANN Fellow for four (4) ICANN meetings including ICANN 49 in Singapore, ICANN 52 in Singapore, ICANN 54 in Dublin, and ICANN 55 in Marakesh. He has also being a Fellowship coach for four (4) ICANN meeting. At ICANN Wisdom is a member of NCSG/NCUC and a member of the GNSO New gtLD working Group and Cross Community Working Group (CCWG). He is also a member of the World Bank Open Data Team, Open Government Partnership Open Data Working Group, Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) Working Group, Africa Open Data Partner, West Africa Telecom Regulators Assembly (WATRA, Information Technology Association of Ghana (ITAG), Diplo Foundation, Internet Governance Caucus (IGC), Internet Society (ISOC), USAID IATI Project, Open Data Institute UK, 

Wisdom has been in the IT Industry for over 10 years and has contributed to several local and foreign initiative projects. He is currently the National Secretariat Manager of the Information Technology Association of Ghana (ITAG) and a member of the IGF Ghana planning Committee.

With his activeness within the global Internet and open data governance community since 2012 focused on facilitating meaningful society engagement at both national and global forum. With his professionalism couple with his technical and human resource planning and development background and the experience he has within the public and private sector, he has gain the needed experience and understanding of the governance related issues. He also believes with the experience he has within the technology industry, It will be a privilege to serve in his capacity in matters relating to the governance of the internet and open data because civil society has been widely recognized as one of the essential ‘third’ sector. Its strength has a positive influence on state or government. He believes civil society is an increasingly important agent for promoting good governance like transparency, effectiveness, openness, responsiveness and accountability. Civil society most often further good governance, first, by policy analysis and advocacy; second, by regulation and monitoring of performance and the action and behavior of institutions; third, by building social capital and enabling citizens to identify and articulate their values, beliefs, civic norms and democratic practices; fourth, by mobilizing particular constituencies, particularly the vulnerable and marginalized sections of masses, to participate more fully in national and global affairs; and fifth, by development work to improve the well-being of societies or communities.