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Chennai, India - Executive Vice President of Sify Technologies Limited

Mr. Appasamy is the executive vice president of Sify Technologies Limited, India, and an active member of the International Chamber of Commerce’s (ICC) eBusiness IT & Telecoms (EBITT) Commission, and the vice chair of EBITT’s Internet and Telecoms Infrastructure & Services Task Force. He is also a member of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Business Action in Support of the Information Society (BASIS).

Mr. Appasamy has been closely involved with the IGF process from the World Summit for the Information Society in Tunis in 2005, and the Internet Governance Forum in Athens, Greece, in November 2006 where he represented the ICC and global business at the Closing Ceremony. He has been a speaker at a main session of the IGF 2007 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and also the IGF 2008 in Hyderabad, India.

His experience of over 25 years spans sales, marketing, advertising, business strategy, corporate communications and investor relations.