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The ‘regional perspectives’ session will bring in different regional and national perspectives as they emerged from various meetings held throughout 2010. This will be a moderated session with representatives of the various regional meetings held in 2010. The goal is for this session is twofold. This session will: 
•    Provide regional input on the thematic themes of IGF 2010 to give participants a cross regional perspective; 
•    Allow the representatives of the regional and national meetings to inform IGF 2010 of concerns and topics beyond those included in the programme for IGF 2010.

Panellists will be asked not to read out a report, but to focus on key priorities as they emerged from the session and identify commonalities with other meetings as well as differences, and to convey messages, wherever applicable. Written reports should be made available well in advance of the session and will be posted on the IGF Web site in the section devoted to regional and national initiatives. Remote hubs will be given the opportunity to interact with the meeting. Organizers of regional and national IGF-type initiatives will also hold separate sessions that will allow them to give a full in-depth report of the meeting. In addition, a round table session will allow all organizers of regional meetings to exchange experiences and to discuss how to improve their linkages with the global IGF.

•    Markus Kummer

Remote Moderator:
•    Ginger Paque


•    Alice Munyua
•    Edmon Chung
•    Joseph V. Tabone
•    Khaled Foda
•    Sebastián Mureil
•    Valeria Betancourt
•    Katim Touray