The critical Internet resources session will follow the same model as in IGF 2009.  Issues will first be explored in the designated workshops followed by a moderated session where rapporteurs from the feeder workshops will be invited to initiate the conversations on the following sub-themes:

•    Status of IPv6 availability around the world; examples and cases;
•    The internationalization of critical Internet resources management and enhanced cooperation;
•    The importance of new TLDs and IDNs for development;
•    Maintaining Internet services in situations of disaster and crisis.

Chairman: Mindaugas Glodas

•    Chris Disspain
•    Jeanette Hofmann

Remote Moderation:
•    Cathy Handley

Feeder workshops:
•    28 Priorities for the long term stability of the Internet
•    61 New gTLD and IDNs for development: Importance and Obstacles
•    63 Strengthening ccTLDs in Africa
•    87 IPv6 around the world: surveying the current and future deployment of IPv6
•    113 Resilience and contingency planning in DNS