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It was understood that privacy, openness, and security should not be traded off against one another or seen as opposing priorities. All three need to be considered in every issue that falls within this theme. The sessions from previous years have shown the inextricable interconnection of the three policy areas and have shown that they were all equally important and equally complex.

In 2010, instead of segregating this theme into three silos, the session will orient itself to a few specific and timely issues and investigate them in the light of security, 0penness and privacy considerations.  In order to manage this session, there will be three moderators to ensure sufficient expertise and facilitation of the dialogue on the three themes in relation to the issues.

The areas to be covered will be derived from the workshops and through discussion with workshop sponsors.

Chairman: Evaldas Kulbokas

•    Frank La Rue
•    Lisa Horner
•    David Hofmann

Remote Moderation:

•    Kieren McCarthy

Feeder workshops:
•    17 Managing the Network
•    66 The future of privacy
•    73 Sexual rights, openness and regulatory systems
•    81 Freedom of Connection – Freedom of Expression
•    85 Freedom of expression or Access to Knowledge: are we taking the necessary steps towards an open and inclusive Internet?
•    111 Freedom of Expression & Internet Intermediaries: where do we go from here?
•    112 Protecting the Consumer in an Online world
•    116 Developing a Policy Understanding on Information Security: Glocal (Global and Local) Perspective
•    123 Legal aspects of Internet governance: International cooperation on cyber-security
•    172 Public -Private Cooperation on Internet Safety/Cybercrime