Below is a list of the current published preliminary proposals

Workshop N° Working Title Name of Proposer Organization
252 Can the internet be considered a 'public-good'? Anriette Esterhuysen APC
128 Copyright Enforcement and Internet Architecture Jeanette Hofmann WZB/HIIG
99 "Charting the Charter" Marianne Franklin IRP Coalition
241 "Cyber sub-prime" - Global aggregations of cyber risk Jason Healey Atlantic Council
24 'Open Source Societies': Inclusive Development with FOSS Satish Babu ICFOSS
201 A Better Internet through Kids... Connecting the Dots Janice Richardson European Schoolnet
212 A High Level Analysis of the Multistakeholder Approach George Sadowsky ICANN
61 A new economic model and policy framework for the Internet Mani Manimohan GSMA
20 Access for those who fall between the cracks Arun Mehta Bidirectional Access Promotion Society
59 Access to information and content and the open Internet Paolo Lanteri World Intellectual Property Organization
38 Accessible inclusion for all abilities and all ages Alexandra Gaspari ITU - DCAD Secretariat
96 Achieving sustainable urbanization by using ICTs Maria Cristina Bueti ITU
183 Addressing Human Rights Challenges in Telecommunications David Sullivan Global Network Initiative
231 Addressing Human Rights Remedy in the ICT sector Deborah Brown Access (
178 Advancing Online Free Expression and Privacy in Practice David Sullivan Global Network Initiative
209 An open Internet platform for economic growth and innovation Verena Weber OECD
45 Arab IGF: A Young Region, A Maturing Model Hisham Aboulyazed Arab IGF
219 Are increasing regulations a nemesis for entrepreneurship? Jehan Ara Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES
277 Augmenting Stakeholder Participation in Privacy by Design Vickram Crishna Freelance Consultant
141 Barriers to Data Flows; Costs for Economic & Social Growth Garland McCoy Technology Education Institute
203 Big Data [Protection] sophie kwasny Council of Europe
204 Big data: The new role of data for development Verena Weber OECD
93 Breaking down silos in cooperation sophie Veraart NL IGF
271 Bringing Broadband to those who need it most Garland McCoy Technology Education Institute
90 Building bridges on Cyber Security sophie Veraart NL IGF
88 Building Bridges to Online Multilingualism Giovanni Seppia EURid
29 Building bridges: Elimination of digital divide TASIM Nariman Hajiyev IGF Baku Secretariat
185 Building gender-inclusive environments online Anja Kovacs Internet Democracy Project
119 Building Technical Communities in Developing Regions Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
255 Building Trust - Open Internet & National Walled Gardens Bevil Wooding Packet Clearing House
107 Capacity building against cybercrime Alexander Seger Council of Europe
32 Challenges of Linguistic Diversity in the Internet Root Rinalia Abdulrahim APRALO - ICANN Asia Pacific Australasia Regional At-Large Organization
202 Child Protection vs. Child Rights: Are They in Conflict? Larry Magid
249 Civil Society in ICANN’s Multistakeholderism: The GNSO Case William Drake U. of Zurich
64 Collaborative Leadership Exchange (CLX) Niel Harper Internet Society
134 Connecting Our Rights: Strategies for Progress Joy Liddicoat Association for Progressive Communication
186 Connecting the Unconnected - opportunities and challenges. Caroline Greer ETNO
56 Could OTT providers and Telecom operators reach Win-Win? Rui Zhong Internet Society of China
15 Cybercrime Treaty: Advanatges for Developing Countries Zahid Jamil CSPA
233 Cybersec in your pocket: the mobile standards of app privacy Deborah Brown Access (
244 Cybersecurity implications of a ubiquitous Internet Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
106 Cybersecurity: throwing out preconceptions Christine Runnegar Internet Society
234 Dangers to Internet Economy from Irresponsibility at Scale Robert Guerra ICANN Security & Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC)
182 Data mining @IGF Yrjö Länsipuro ISOC Finland
229 Data Protection: towards a global standard in privacy? Deborah Brown Access (
31 Deepening Stakeholders' activity on Internet Governance Makane Faye UNECA
239 Defending National Cyber Infrastructure Jason Healey Atlantic Council
41 Developing and effectively using Multistakeholder Principles Constance Weise APC & Government of Brazil & ICC BASIS & ISOC
69 Developing capacity for e-Participation through ICTs Deniz Susar UNDESA
159 Developing Consumer Trust in Digital Era Sherly Haristya ID-Config
28 Development of the Internet ecosystem Michael Kende Analysys Mason
156 Digital Divide: Challenges in the development of Internet Sherly Haristya ID-Config
89 Digital opportunity & risk for children: Global South Katarzyna Pawelczyk UNICEF
98 Digital safety and freedom of expression Xianhong Hu UNESCO
236 Doing business across the WCIT divide Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
254 Doing business across the WCIT divide Bevil Wooding Packet Clearing House
162 Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety Anjan Bose ECPAT International
108 E-commerce and privacy. What's happening with the kids? Barbara Lilliu European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online
213 E-learning a tool for social and economic development. Maria Gonzalez Math2me
85 e-Learning Support Programs: Models, Challenges and Policy Edmon Chung DotAsia Organisation
30 E-participation and OGD for sustainable development Vasif Mammadov IGF Public Union
68 E-participation in IG processes Ginger Paque DiploFoundation
143 Emerging Cybersecurity Threats Jeff Brueggeman AT&T
160 Emerging issues for fair trade and taxation of virtual goods Adam Peake GLOCOM
34 Empowering Global Youth Through Digital Citizenship Anne Collier
275 Empowering individuals in the digital world. Paul Mitchell Microsoft
215 Encouraging Locally Relevant Content to Grow the Internet Blackler Ellen The Walt Disney Company
225 Ensuring user participation in internet policy making Deborah Brown Access (
39 EuroDIG round table Sandra Hoferichter Medienstadt Leipzig e.V.
42 Fair process frameworks for cross-border online spaces Paul Fehlinger Internet & Jurisdiction Project
152 Finding Appropriate Criminal Law Sherly Haristya ID-Config
224 Finding workable models for enhanced cooperation Deborah Brown Access (
44 Fit to lead? Online censorship in established democracies Brian Pellot Index on Censorship
23 FOSS-based Innovation and Entrepreneurship Satish Babu ICFOSS
230 Free Software and Human Rights on the Internet Andrey Shcherbovich National Research University Higher School of Economics
164 Gaps in global Internet policy making processes Parminder Jeet Singh IT for Change
171 Gender and internet governance roundtable Jac sm Kee Association for Progressive Communications
243 Government & Private Sectors in Governance and Security Jason Healey Atlantic Council
155 Healthy & Wise Online Sphere for Child & Teen Sherly Haristya ID-Config
274 How can technology help policy realize big data’s potential? Paul Mitchell Microsoft
62 How can the Internet be an engine for development and growth Tijani BEN JEMAA ICANN AFRALO
147 How to Balance Internet Openness and IPR Protection? Sherly Haristya ID-Config
84 How to create a kids-friendly Internet? Yannis Li DotKids Foundation
75 How to fund the next generation of Internet innovation Sylvia Cadena APNIC
129 Human Rights & Multi-Stakeholder Governance Robin Gross IP Justice
105 Human rights and remedies for Internet users Lee Hibbard Council of Europe
86 Human Rights and the Internet: contrasts and perspectives Luis Martinez ISOC Mexico
220 Human Rights Online: Emerging Threats and Opportunities Sanja Kelly Freedom House
158 ICT for Disaster Risk Reduction Sherly Haristya ID-Config
142 Impact of ICTs on children across regions Anjan Bose ECPAT International
70 Impact of Trade Accords on Digitally Enabled Growth Barbara Wanner US Council for International Business
100 Implementing the Ruggie Framework in the ICT Sector Marianne Franklin IRP Coalition
173 Implementing the UN Guiding Principles Paul Mitchell Microsoft
145 Importance of Regional Coordination in Internet Governance German Valdez NRO
95 Information Ethics and Internet Governance Paul Hector UNESCO
174 Internet & Human Rights: UPR Lessons Learned for IBPSA Osama Manzar Digital Empowerment Foundation
43 Internet & Jurisdiction Round-Up: Trends and Perspectives Paul Fehlinger Internet & Jurisdiction Project
218 Internet Censorship - The Economic Question Jehan Ara Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES
166 Internet copyright policy: Multistakeholder or Multilateral? Stuart Hamilton IFLA
53 Internet ecosystem evolution Michael Kende Analysys Mason
112 Internet Exchange Points and the Domestic Internet Economy Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
259 Internet Exchange Points in North Africa Bevil Wooding Packet Clearing House
260 Internet Exchange Points in the Caribbean Bevil Wooding Packet Clearing House
102 Internet freedom - a shared commitment Lee Hibbard Council of Europe
80 Internet Freedom Technologies Daniel Meredith Open Technology Fund
135 Internet Governance - Definitions to Demystify the Jargon Ben Scott Open Technology Institute
264 Internet governance 101 Audrey Plonk Intel Corporation
113 Internet Governance, Cybersecurity and Public Policy Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
232 Internet Infrastructure explained. Nishal Goburdhan ISPA
235 Internet Infrastructure: Technology and Terminology Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
139 Internet Measurement and Internet Freedom Ben Scott Open Technology Institute
40 Internet of Things - opportunities for the future Sandra Hoferichter Medienstadt Leipzig e.V.
157 Internet potential through multistakeholder practices Pablo Hinojosa APNIC
110 Internet rights and freedoms in Latin America Eleonora Rabinovich Asociaciòn por los Derechos Civiles
165 Internet rights relate to sexual rights in Indonesia Kamilia Manaf Erotics Indonesia
208 Internet towards Equinet: Civic Engagement & Government 2.0 Osama Manzar Digital Empowerment Foundation
222 Internet universal affordable access: Are we there yet? Valeria Betancourt APC
97 Internet Universality Xianhong Hu UNESCO
282 Internet/Telecom Convergence & Global Governance William Drake U. of Zurich
256 Interregional Harmonization of Resource Need Justification Bevil Wooding Packet Clearing House
144 IPv4 markets and legacy space German Valdez NRO
46 Is it time for the Internet spring in the Arab region? Hisham Aboulyazed Arab IGF
82 Is Youth Participation in IG a Waste of Time? Yannis Li NetMission.Asia
136 IXPs - Why Exchanges Boost the Digital Economy Ben Scott Open Technology Institute
138 IXPs in the Maghreb Ben Scott Open Technology Institute
191 IXPs, only one piece in the local internet puzzle Patrik Fältström Netnod
49 IXPs: Building, sustaining, and govening them Jane COFFIN Internet Society (ISOC)
200 IXPs: Catalysts in developing economies Nishal Goburdhan ISPA
133 Languages and cultures: barriers or bridges? Oksana Prykhodko European Media Platform
21 Latin and Native American Languages and the Internet Olga Cavalli Ministry Foreign Affairs Argentina
175 Law Enforcement in the Internet Space Chris Buckridge RIPE NCC
242 Lessons from Cyber Conflict History Jason Healey Atlantic Council
245 Lessons learned from past cyber-conflicts Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
207 Leveraging domains for social good Desiree Miloshevic Afilias
170 Localizing the Freedom of Expression Narrative Farieha Aziz Bolo Bhi
57 Making Multistakeholderism More Equitable & Transparent khaled Fattal The Multilingual Internet Group
83 Mapping the Commonwealth Lara Pace Commonwealth IGF
50 Maximizing the power of Internet to manage disasters Izumi Aizu Institute for InfoSocinomics, Tama Univ.
58 Mobile Cloud Computing & Transborder Data Flows Barbara Wanner US Council for International Business
272 Mobile Governance as instrumentality of Internet Governance LALIT KUMAR MOBILE GOVERNANCE
127 MS selection processes: accountability and transparency Ian Peter Internet Governance Caucus
81 Multi-stakeholder dialogue: Big Data, social good & privacy Yiannis Theodorou GSM Association (GSMA)
150 Multi-stakeholder in Practice Sherly Haristya ID-Config
263 Multistakeholder approach to Internet governance Desiree Miloshevic Oxford Internet Institute
267 Multistakeholderism & Global Cyber Security Challenges Anders Halvorsen WITSA
247 National & Regional IGFs: Many faces of multistakeholderism Danilo Bakovic Freedom House
116 National Cyberdefense: Infrastructure and Practices Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
125 Network neutrality around the world - current issues hyeyeong jang Net Neutrality User Forum
281 New gTLDs & the Developing World Zahid Jamil CSPA
26 Next Generation Innovators and Intellectual Property Laws Konstantinos Komaitis Internet Society
131 One World, One Internet, One Set of Principles? Wolfgang Kleinwaechter University of Aarhus
74 Online Activism: Power of Blogging and Sharing Shahjahan Siraj Machizo Multimedia Communication
55 Online anonymity,freedom of expression & internet governance Lucinda Fell Childnet International
268 Open Contents and Data Jay Yoon Creative Commons Korea
269 Open Garden vs. Walled Fortress Garland McCoy Technology Education Institute
120 Openstand in the web: empowerment of developing countries Juliano Cappi Executive Secretariat - Brazilian Internet Steering Committee
261 OpenStand Principles of Open Standards Development Wendy Seltzer W3C
16 Oppression over the Internet Zahid Jamil CSPA
137 Policy and Regulation for a Strong Digital Economy Ben Scott Open Technology Institute
148 preparation workshop for all young people attending the IGF sophie Veraart NL IGF
206 Principles for comprehensive & HR-based capacity building Carl Fredrik Wettermark Swedish MFA
214 Privacy and Security as a Shared Responsibility Larry Magid
278 Privacy by Design - A Special Need Vickram Crishna Freelance Consultant
18 Privacy in Asia: Building on the APEC Privacy Principles Jim Foster Keio University
149 Privacy Online: Toward “Right to be Forgotten” Regime? Sherly Haristya ID-Config
66 Privacy: global connections and regional regulation Frederic Donck Internet Society
121 Privacy: Not Just for NGOs Karen Reilly The Tor Project
109 Profit & Nonprofit: a roundtable on child safety online Barbara Lilliu European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online
47 Protect children from the dangers of the Internet Hago Dafalla University of Gezira
228 Protecting Due Process Online: Challenges and Solutions Deborah Brown Access (
262 Protection of vulnerable children online Yuliya Morenets TaC-Together against Cybercrime International
187 Redefining "Cybersecurity" to Better Protect Human Rights Kevin Bankston Center for Democracy & Technology
172 Regional IGF's - A View from the World Carlos Alberto Afonso Instituto Nupef
257 Regional Interests & Specificity in Number Registry Policy Bevil Wooding Packet Clearing House
163 Regulating Internet business : Role of global frameworks Parminder Jeet Singh IT for Change
117 Regulatory Policy and the Growth of the Internet Economy Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
48 Removing Barriers to Connectivity Jane COFFIN Internet Society (ISOC)
285 Restrictions of online expression: standards and practices Nicolas Seidler Internet Society
273 Retrospective: Freedom of Expression/Press in IGF hosts Avri Doria dotgay LLC & APC
240 RFC 2050 and the future of Internet resource allocation Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
276 Rights Issues for indigenous peoples & disadvantaged groups Marianne Franklin IRP Coalition
87 Role of Children in IG: Decoration or True participation? Yannis Li DotKids Foundation
91 Role of Multilateral organization in Cyber Security Natalija Gelvanovska World Bank
210 Role of Technical Community in Global Internet Governance George Sadowsky ICANN
114 Securing National Domains: DNSSEC and Anycast for ccTLDs Bill Woodcock Packet Clearing House
19 Security and Governance of Identity on the Internet Andy Smith BCS
238 Security Cooperation in the Internet Ecosystem Nurani Nimpuno Netnod
221 Security with autonomy: governing RPKI and secure BGP Brenden Kuerbis Internet Governance Project
27 Service-oriented economy influenced by the Internet. Mikhail Komarov National Research University Higher School of Economics
130 Should Net Neutrality be enshrined into legislation? Luca Belli CERSA, Sorbonne University
180 Sovereignty in a trans-sovereign ecosystem Sivasubramanian Muthusamy Internet Society India Chennai
140 Spam: Issues and Challenges for all Stakeholders Karen Mulberry Internet Society
279 Stakeholder Awareness Cathy Handley ARIN
71 Stories from the world's "muffled voices"! Ben Akoh IISD
63 Strengthening Internet Governance through Capacity Building Niel Harper Internet Society
169 Strengthening Participation Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro Pasifika Nexus
115 Supporting local content development Patrick Ryan Google Inc.
270 Taxes/regs toll on content production/distribution Garland McCoy Technology Education Institute
22 Teaching Internet Governance in the developing countries Olga Cavalli Ministry Foreign Affairs Argentina
60 Technical Solutions for Spam Barbara Wanner US Council for International Business
122 Ten years of the WSIS Declaration of Principles Juliano Cappi Executive Secretariat - Brazilian Internet Steering Committee
33 The (Broadband) Access Dilemma in SIDS Tracy Hackshaw Internet Society Trinidad & Tobago Chapter
118 The cloud, many clouds, and free expression Patrick Ryan Google Inc.
253 The Debate on ‘Closed’ Generic Top Level Domains William Drake U. of Zurich
37 The internet we want – supporting democracy and human rights Andrew Puddephatt Global Partners
126 The Legal ecosystem for Free and Open Software Nevine Tewfik MCIT
123 The role of Internet of Things in Economic Development Hosein Badran ISOC-EG
132 The roles of the Internet in anti-poverty strategies Norbert Bollow
92 The Social Role of a ccTLD, guarantee of everlasting success Wim Degezelle CENTR - on behalf of AfTLD, APTLD, LACTLD, CENTR
167 Threats, Challenges and Opportunities in the Pacific Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro Pasifika Nexus
188 Title: Q&A: Internet's answers to concerns about Internet Sivasubramanian Muthusamy Internet Society India Chennai
101 Towards A Charter of Human Rights & Principles 2.0 Marianne Franklin IRP Coalition
94 Towards more Secured, Vibrant & Equivalent Internet Yannis Li APrIGF
35 User Identity and Anonymity in the Cyper Space Keechang Kim Open Net Korea
76 What consumers need from cloud computing Jeremy Malcolm Electronic Frontier Foundation
216 What is next in Internationalized Domain Names? Baher Esmat ICANN
217 What the new gTLD Programme means for you Baher Esmat ICANN
258 Who are the beneficiaries of Internet regulatory policy? Bevil Wooding Packet Clearing House
36 Who runs the internet – how people can have a voice Andrew Puddephatt Global Partners
146 WiFi in public spaces - public policy implications John Carr CHIS
153 Youth as Digital Citizens Sherly Haristya ID-Config