No. 69 Seed Alliance: Supporting Innovation on Internet Development in the global south through small grants and awards

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Open Forum


The Seed Alliance is a collaboration established by AFRINIC, APNIC and Lacnic to support their regional grants and awards programs, FIRE, ISIF Asia and FRIDA. The regional funds cover Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean, respectively. The alliance is funded by contributions from every regional partner as well as contributions from IDRC and Sida and regional sponsors. The Seed Alliance offers a space for all the program partners and sponsors, to identify and build communities of practice, scale up existing relevant initiatives, provide better visibility for their respective partners and projects, and promote networking and mentoring for supported organizations. Under the alliance, every regional program receives support for the allocation of small grants and awards in their region, while undertaking a variety of collaborative efforts such as evaluation, capacity building and networking. The session will be structured with a keynote speech from the donor agencies supporting the alliance, followed by presentations of each of the regional funds and how they operate in their respective regions and share their lessons learned as a funding mechanism for Internet Development in the global south. Also, the Open Forum will provide an opportunity for the 2013 Awards Winners (to be announced during the lunch break just before this Open Forum) to present their projects, share the challenges they faced in their local environments and provide their input to the IGF community about the future of the Internet from the field, from the challenges at the community level. Facilitated discussions between the speakers and the audience about aspects of project implementation will follow, as well as about the situation regarding funding for Internet development initiatives in the global south, the challenges faced and what can be done in the future.

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No background paper provided

The name of speakers

FIRE Awards winners (full names to be confirmed) FRIDA Awards winners Anahi Ezagui Laura Zommer Marta Ortega Jonathan Vainstein Juan Camilo Trujillo Anahí Méndez ISIF Asia Awards winners Tariq Zaman Geran Jengan Abdur Razzaque Mashiur Rahman Sadequa Hassan Ataur Rahman Ivie Yupentius Alim Alim Harry Surjadi

The name of the organiser(s) for the Open Forum:

Seed Alliance partners FIRE www.fireafrica.org / managed by AFRINIC – www.afrinic.net FRIDA www.programafrida.net / managed by Lacnic – www.lacnic.net ISIF Asia www.isif.asia / managed by APNIC – www.apnic.net With support from the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

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Samantha Marks (APNIC)