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No. 110 Digital rights protection in Europe and Latin America

Eleonora Rabinovich
Asociaciòn por los Derechos Civiles



Human Rights / Freedom of Expression on the Internet

The evolution of the multi stakeholder political debate on internet governance in Latin America and Europe has undoubtedly derived in increasing concern around preserving the open nature of the internet and defending it as a space for the full realization of human rights.  With this workshop we propose to explore how the understanding of the linkages between human rights and the Internet has evolved in both regions as well as the role of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders in promoting and protecting human rights online. This workshop aims to explore the current situation of human rights on the internet in a comparative perspective between both continents, identify the key trends and challenges and envisage future collaborative actions that respond to the particularities and specificities of each region.

We propose to discuss about current practices by governments and other stakeholders that limit or restrict rights and freedoms online, particularly:


•Blocking, control of content without due process

•Privacy and personal data protection, Cyber security

•Increased pressure by governments to internet intermediaries to control and police the internet

•Radical implementation of copyright legislation and its impact on FoE and access to knowledge

•Net neutrality battles.

•New Free Trade Agreements

The discussion will also explore the mechanisms, instruments and measures to respect, protect and promote human rights online, as well as opportunities for collaboration among different actors and sectors. 

The goal of this workshop is to produce a meaningful dialogue between actors in two continents, to build a bridge between perspectives on issues we consider to be relevant from the point of view of the protection of digital rights. 

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ADC’s partner for this workshop, APC, has organized workshops with a similar subject during past IGF meetings. In addition to looking at the issue from a regional perspective, the workshop aims to connect it with the global situation and, particularly with global internet governance issues. It also aims to look at lessons learned, concrete experiences or cases and strategies and how make them relevant to IGF discussions. Based on that, the driving idea is to propose a set of questions on how the regional debates and strategies on human rights on the internet might contribute and interrelates to the global IGF context.

Background Paper

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Ms. Eleonora Rabinovich, Asociación por los Derechos Civiles, Civil Society, ARGENTINA, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC

Mr. Claudio Ruiz, Derechos Digitales, Civil Society, CHILE, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC

Ms. Valeria Betancourt, Association for Progressive Communications, Civil Society, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC

Mr. Andres Piazza, LACNIC, Technical Community, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC

Mr. Lee Hibbard, Council of Europe, Intergovernmental Organizations, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

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Matthias Traimer, Federal Chancellery, Male, Government, AUSTRIA, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Ana Lucía Lenis, GOOGLE, Female, Private Sector, COLOMBIA, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC

CLAUDIO RUIZ, DERECHOS DIGITALES, Male, Civil Society, CHILE, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC

Carlos Affonso, member of the Brazilian Steering Committee (CGI.br) , Male, Government, BRAZIL, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC

Marie Georges, Expert/ Council of Europe, Female, Civil Society, FRANCE, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Luca Belli, Expert / Council of Europe, Male, Intergovernmental Organizations, ITALY, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG


Ramiro Alvarez Ugarte, ADC, ARGENTINA

Remote Moderator



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Inclusiveness of the Session

Panelists will be requested to make provocative interventions in the perspective of encouraging debate with the participants.  The organizers will provide guidelines to orientate the focus of intervention of each panelist and will ask them to pose questions for the audience.  Time management will be also given special attention to ensure enough time is allocated to interaction with the onsite and remote participants.  

Suitability for Remote Participation

We will adopt a combined strategy of sharing the discussion on real time through social media, and inviting a remote panelist to join the session.  We will encourage remote hubs from LAC and European countries to be created or, in the case of existing ones, to actively participate in this session. 

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