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No. 145 Importance of Regional Coordination in Internet Governance

German Valdez



Enhanced Cooperation

While much energy is focused on the development of global Internet governance, coordination at the regional level is arguably more directly relevant to the day-to-day experiences of those who use and operate the Internet. 

The RIRs, ISOC chapters, NOG and regional IGFs are all examples of structures that have evolved to meet the needs of Internet stakeholders in ways that recognize both the trans-border nature of the Internet and common issues and concerns of people in a specific geographic area.

However a much broader regional and national collaboration between security and law enforcement agencies is required. There is also a great area of opportunity of cooperation in capacity-building projects with intergovernmental organizations that already have programs on place. 

The workshop will consider some of the structures mentioned above as examples of existing regional coordination structures, examine issues which have have been successful in addressing, and identify strategies that may offer best practice models or simply inspiration for further development of regional Internet governance.

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257     Regional interests & specificity in number registry policy           

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Background Paper

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Mr. German Valdez, Number Resource Organisation, Technical Community, AUSTRALIA, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

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Panellists and Moderator

Invited panellists, individuals and organisations

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Yurie Ito, APCERT, Female, Technical Community, JAPAN, Asia-Pacific GroupBiography

Oscar Robles, NIC Mexico, Male, Private Sector, MEXICO, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULACBiography

Nnenna Nwakanma, The Free Software and Open Source Foundation for Africa, Female, Private Sector, NIGERIA, African GroupBiography

Bernadette Lewis, Caribbean Telecommunication Union, Female, Intergovernmental Organizations, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULACBiography

Sally Costerton, ICANN, Female, Technical Community, UNITED KINGDOM, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOGBiography

Sala T. Tamanikaiwaimaro, Pasifika Nexus, Female, Civil Society, FIJI, Asia-Pacific GroupBiography

Nabil Bukhalid, ISOC Lebanon Chapter, Male, Civil Society, LEBANON, Asia-Pacific GroupBiography


Sala Tamakikaiwaimaro

Remote Moderator

German Valdez


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Inclusiveness of the Session

Assuming the allocation time will be 90 mins with a panel format this would be the distribution time.

1.- 5 Mins introduction by the moderator
2.- 10 mins slot for each speaker (6 to be in the panel)
3.- 20 mins open floor. Including remote participants.
4.- 5 Mins summary/conclusion by the moderator.

Suitability for Remote Participation

Depending on the Internet capacity in the venue the NRO is planning to make use of remote participation tools to allow remote participants.  RIR technical staff have broad experience in deploying remote participation tools like Webex or Adobe Connect where remote participants can follow the onsite discussion by video and/or audio. Special windows can display slides if need it. Questions or general comments can come through a special window chat.

Nowadays all RIR have a social media program where global promotion and discussion during the IGF could be encouraged. 

In the past some RIR have organised remote hubs i.e Bangladesh and Vanuatu. This could be included in the remote participation plan for this year.

Questions or Comments

The NRO is a coalition of the 5 Regional Internet Registry.  It's a global organisation so cannot be assigned to a particular region or group. I marked teh Asia - Pacific group and Australia where I'm based but this doesn't fit in the organisation I represent.

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257 Regional Interests & Specificity in Number Registry Policy

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