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No. 175 Internet Security Through Multi-stakeholder Cooperation

Chris Buckridge



Principles of Multi-stakeholder Cooperation

A secure, functioning Internet is in the interest of all stakeholders and users of the Internet. The objective of the workshop is to clarify and map the security work carried out in the Internet ecosystem and the ways in which multi-stakeholder cooperation is central to achieving the shared goals of security, openness, and resilience. The workshop will look at the the key organisations and forums in the technical community and elsewhere that are key to these security efforts, and how they interface with other actors, particularly those in government, law enforcement. How successful is this interface and what parties, if any, are missing in this process?

The workshop will look at the security work in the standardisation process at the IETF, the coordination work by the CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams) and other security-related organisations, and the capacity building activities that have developed across stakeholder lines through the cooperative efforts of the technical community and law enforcement agencies. Participants will be encouraged to identify best practices, as well as areas where further development is needed to realise the potential of a multi-stakeholder security model.

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Both Netnod and the RIPE NCC have organised sessions on developing Internet governance structures and capacity building, but approaching this in the context of security is new, and should provide new perspectives on the issues.

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Mr. Chris Buckridge, RIPE NCC, Technical Community, NETHERLANDS, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Ms. Nurani Nimpuno, Netnod, Technical Community, SWEDEN, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Mr. Richard Leaning, EC3 / Europol, Government, NETHERLANDS, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

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Panellists and Moderator

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Merike Kaeo, Internet Identity, Female, Private Sector, UNITED STATES, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOGBiography

Tatiana Tropina, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Strafrecht, Female, Technical Community, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Eastern European GroupBiography

Robert Guerra, Male, Civil Society, CANADA, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOGBiography

Konstantinos Komaitis, ISOC, Male, Technical Community, GREECE, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOGBiography

Pete Resnick, Male, Private Sector, UNITED STATES, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG


Nurani Nimpuno and Marco Hogewoning

Remote Moderator

Chris Buckridge


1. Opening remarks, setting the scene
2. Goals and concerns of different stakeholder groups
3. Case studies, examples of cooperative initiatives

Inclusiveness of the Session

The session will be an open discussion, moderated to include input from speakers in the audience, both planned and unplanned. The workshop will be structured around pre-determined questions that will address the issues identified in the workshop description.

Suitability for Remote Participation

The moderators will ensure that remote participants are included in the discussion - all organising institutions have extensive networks, and will ensure that the many parties from varied stakeholder groups interested in this topic will be aware of the workshop and able to contribute remotely.

Questions or Comments

Please note that this proposal is a merger of two preliminary proposals from the RIPE NCC/EC3 and Netnod:

75 Law Enforcement in the Internet Space
238 Security Cooperation in the Internet Ecosystem

While we have listed it under the overall theme of Multi-stakeholder Cooperation, we feel that it would fit equally under the umbrella of Legal Frameworks and Cyber-crime.

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