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No. 203 Big data: promoting development and safeguarding privacy

sophie kwasny
Council of Europe



The Internet as an Engine for Growth and Advancement

The confluence of Internet-related trends including e-services (e.g. e-gov, social networks) and the increasing number of smart devices are leading to a huge volume of data ("big data"). This exponential data growth along with cloud computing and data analytics signal a shift towards a socio-economic model, in which data are a key asset driving innovation, inclusive growth and development.

The new potential of data ranges from better informing decision-making to automating knowledge intensive processes and has wide policy implications, many of which are crucial to developing economies. These range from issues related to Internet infrastructure to the rights of the individuals. , in particular tThe right to privacy and to data protection are amongst the key issues that need to be considered in the context of ‘big data’ and a careful balance has to be achieved in fully enabling the socio-economic benefits while respecting the right to privacy of each and every individual who is behind the data.

Three main dimensions of global data cooperation and collaborative knowledge creation for developing economies are discussed in the workshop:
1.) Global access to data for better policy making;
2.) Access to data analytics capacities located in other countries; and last but not least
3.) Privacy, protection also touching upon the use and implications of big data for security and surveillance purposes.

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Mr. Christian Reimsbach-Kounatze, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development , Intergovernmental Organizations, FRANCE, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Ms. Sophie Kwasny, Council of Europe, Intergovernmental Organizations, FRANCE, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

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Raegan McDonald, Access, Female, Civil Society, BELGIUM, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Christine Runegar, ISOC, Female, Technical Community, SWITZERLAND, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Bill Woodcock, PCH, Male, Technical Community, UNITED STATES, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG, lead discussantBiography

Christian Reimsbach-Kounatze, OECD, Male, FRANCE, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOGBiography


Sophie Kwasny (CoE)

Remote Moderator

Lee Hibbard (CoE)


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1.) the IGF remote participation platform and

2.) Twitter.

Both communication channels will be promoted on the OECD IGF webpage (www.oecd.org/sti/interneteconomy/oecdresourcesoninternetgovernance.htm) and the CoE webpage and social media accounts.

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