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No. 75 How to fund the next generation of Internet innovation

Sylvia Cadena



The Internet as an Engine for Growth and Advancement

This roundtable will explore the current funding mechanisms available for those generating innovative solutions for internet development to identify their strengths and weaknesses to encourage the audience to make recommendations. Short interventions from speakers representing the interest from governments, aid agencies, traditional and alternative funding mechanisms, crowd funding, grant and awards, competitions will spark the discussion.

The group will discuss how to incorporate/develop a culture of social responsibility on the IT sector. Key topics to discuss will be social responsibility on a self-regulated market; Infrastructure ownership/management models; Equal opportunities for success in a competitive industry as a key component for growth and developmen.

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Mr. Jens Karberg, Sida, Government, SWEDEN, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Mr. Phet Sayo, IDRC, Government, CANADA, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Ms. Sylvia Cadena, APNIC, Technical Community, AUSTRALIA, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Ms. Ernesto Majo, Lacnic, URUGUAY, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC

Ms. Anne-Rachel Inne, AFRINIC, MAURITIUS, African Group

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Seed Alliance / AFRINIC, Lacnic & APNIC, Technical Community, Representing the Seed Alliance as an international cooperation strategy to fund internet innovation

Sida, Government, SWEDEN, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG, Representing the views from government agencies investing in Internet Governance related activities

IDRC, Government, CANADA, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG, representing the views of funded ICT4D projects over the year through conventional grant making mechanisms, awards, etc

Kickstarter, Private Sector, UNITED STATES, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG, Sharing about crowdfunding as an alternative funding mechanism

Facebook research health fund, Google foundation, Comcast grants, Private Sector, UNITED STATES, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG, Sharing the experiences from private sector players conducting big and effective funding efforts to support innovation


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Remote Moderator

Sylvia Cadena, APNIC Community Grants and Awards Specialist


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This will be a roundtable, were discussion will be the most important aspect of the session. Strong moderation and facilitation will be provided to guarantee active participation from the audience.

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Remote contributions and interaction through social media.

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