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No. 92 The Social Role of a ccTLD, guarantee of everlasting success

Wim Degezelle



The Internet as an Engine for Growth and Advancement

Since over 25 years the ccTLD community has represented the most reliable and fast lane for the online presence of local communities. ccTLD managers have been filling gaps and building bridges to ensure that Internet is adequately used at local level. Most of the ccTLDs have evolved towards multi-stakeholder models that guarantee national capacities and support local development.

The ccTLD ecosystem is likely be impacted by the launch of new TLDs, like it was recently by the advent of social media. However, certain cultural, political, administrative, financial and private bodies will always opt for the local TLD when registering a domain name and creating a service-related site. The workshop intends to investigate the reasons of this choice and explain it by examples of ccTLDs that have been and are crucial for the development of the net locally and within communities where the Internet is in its early stage.
 Addressed themes:
•         What is the set of specific, local needs that the local ccTLDs have looked after in the past decades
•         How local TLDs represent as crucial driver in the development of the Local Internet Infrastructure
•         How local TLDs can support e-inclusion
•         When ccTLDs are seen more reliable than gTLDs
•         Have the local TLDs survived the advent of the social media
•         What is going to be the future of ccTLDs

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Yes/No the correct answer lies in between. The workshops that were jointly organized by the regional organizations at the previous IGF meetings each time dealt with a different aspect of the ccTLD organization. For example the variety of existing policy models (2012), challenges for ccTLDs (2011), the stability and resiliency of the Domain Name System (2010), the introduction of non-ASCII domains (IDNs) (2009), … The proposed 2013 workshop has a broader scope and explores what social role a ccTLD registry plays for its (local) Internet community. This role goes much further than the core function of providing the national country code. The audience will learn about initiatives to develop the local infrastructure, to foster e-inclusion, to support the multi-stakeholder model, …

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Mr. Barrack Ong'ondo Otieno, AfTLD, Technical Community, KENYA, African Group

Ms. Jian Zhang, APTLD, Technical Community, CHINA, Asia-Pacific Group

Mr. Peter Van Roste, CENTR, Technical Community, BELGIUM, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG

Ms. Carolina Aguerre, LACTLD, Technical Community, ARGENTINA, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC

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Anne-Rachel Inné, AFRINIC, Female, Technical Community, NIGER, African Group, confirmedBiography

Peter Van Roste, CENTR, Male, Technical Community, BELGIUM, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG, confirmedBiography

Martin Peterka, CZ.NIC, Male, Technical Community, CZECH REPUBLIC, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG, confirmedBiography

Eduardo Santoyo, NIC.CO, Male, Technical Community, COLOMBIA, Latin American and Caribbean Group - GRULAC, confirmedBiography

Hongbin Zhu, CNNIC, Male, Technical Community, CHINA, Asia-Pacific Group, confirmedBiography

Mary Uduma, NiRA, Female, Technical Community, NIGERIA, African Group, confirmedBiography

Sarah Falvey, Google, Female, Private Sector, UNITED STATES, Western Europe and Others Group - WEOG, confirmedBiography

Andrei Kolesnikov, ccTLD .RU/.РФ, Male, Technical Community, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Eastern European GroupBiography


Anne-Rachel Inné (AFRINIC)

Remote Moderator

Wim Degezelle (CENTR)


The Social Role of a ccTLD, guarantee of everlasting success
(No. 92)

Moderator Anne-Rachel Inné
Remote Moderator Wim Degezelle


1. Welcome and opening
Anne-Rachel Inné, AfriNIC
2. The facts behind multistakeholderism
Peter Van Roste, CENTR
3. .NG ccTLD: A case of multi-stakeholder model in managing a country's
Critical Internet Resource
Mary Nma Uduma, .ng
4. ccTLDs... Promoting the Local Internet Community? The case of .CO.
Eduardo Santoyo, .co
5. Capacity Building: .CN’s commitment to social responsibility.
Hongbin Zhu, .cn
6. 'How to use the Internet', a modern format to educate Czech users.
Martin Peterka, .cz
7. Role of ccTLD in establishing a neutral expert platform for national
internet actors
Andrei Kolesnikov, ccTLD .RU/.Р
8. He importance of ccTLDs from an Industry perspective
Sarah Falvey, Google
9. Open debate and Q&A from the floor and remote participants
10.Roundup and conclusions
Anne-Rachel Inné, AfriNIC

Inclusiveness of the Session

The Regional Organisations will inform all stakeholders about the workshop well in advance via their websites and social media channels. Furthermore, they will collect possible questions to the panellists via their sites and present the questions during the workshop. Quotes from the panellists and other updates will be shared with the wider community via social media. A dedicated "Social role of the TLDs" Facebook page is currently being evaluated.

Suitability for Remote Participation

The workshop is suitable for remote participation. There will be several opportunities for remote participants to comment, intervene or ask questions.

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