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Workshop Proposal List
ID Title Proposer Organization
1 Protecting Child Safety AND Child Rights Larry Magid ConnectSafely.org
2 Mobile, trust and privacy Yiannis Theodorou GSM Association (GSMA)
3 Cloud Computing & M2M: Impacts for Emerging Economies Barbara Wanner US Council for International Business
7 From ideas to solutions: Funding challenges for Internet dev Sylvia Cadena APNIC
10 New Global Visions for Internet Governance, ICTs and Trade Richard Beaird Wiley Rein LLP
11 Languages on the move: Deploying multilingualism in the net Giovanni Seppia EURid
15 Empowerment displaced people through online education svc. Mikhail Komarov National Research University Higher School of Economics
17 Privacy as Innovation II Gry Hasselbalch Lapenta The Media Council for Children and Young People
18 The Business of Creativity: User Generated Content and IP Paolo Lanteri wipo
19 Empowering Global Youth Through Digital Citizenship Anne Collier connectsafely.org
20 Launch UNESCO publication Digital Safety of journalists Xianhong Hu UNESCO
21 Intermediaries’ role and good practice in protecting FOE Xianhong Hu UNESCO
22 Clouds and mobile internet: benefiting developing countries Jing MA CAST
23 Accountability in MultiStakeholdr Governance Regime ICANN Robin Gross IP Justice
30 Internet&jobs: creative destruction or destructive creation? Lorenzo Pupillo Telecom Italia
31 Internet Governance: a case for variable geometry? Lorenzo Pupillo Telecom Italia
41 Policy to Promote Broadband Access in Developing Countries Rui Zhong Internet Society of China
43 Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Cybersecurity Awareness Tiffany Barrett National Cyber Security Alliance
44 Improving Internet Architecture to Drive Consumer Trust Hongbin Zhu China Internet Network Information Center
47 Enhancing Digital Trust in the Post-Snowden Era Samantha Bradshaw Centre for International Governance Innovation
49 The impact of (non-)adoption of Internet standards on cyber security sophie Veraart NL IGF
51 Connecting the continents through fiber optic Azadeh Danandeh Persian IGF Secretariat
56 Researching children's rights in a global, digital age Sonia Livingstone London School of Economics and Political Science
60 Global Access; Connecting the Next Billion Global Citizens Garland McCoy Technology Education Institute
61 Policies and practices to enable the Internet of Things Lorrayne Porciuncula OECD
62 Internet Infrastructure: Technology and Terminology Bevil Wooding Packet Clearing House
63 Preserving a Universal Internet: The Costs of Fragmentation Samantha Bradshaw Centre for International Governance Innovation
65 The Role of IXPs in Growing the Local Digital Economy Bevil Wooding Packet Clearing House
66 Content4D: Diversifying the global content and apps market Verena Weber CRC - Colombian Telecommunications Regulator
68 Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Roundtable: The Information Society vs Basic Infrastructural Needs Tracy Hackshaw Internet Society Trinidad & Tobago Chapter
69 The Payment-Privacy-Policing Paradox in Web Payments Systems Pindar Wong VeriFi (Hong Kong) Limited
70 Open Data and Data Publishing Governance in Big Data Age Jing MA CAST
71 Privacy, Surveillance, and the Cloud: One Year Later Marc Crandall Google Inc.
72 Building Technical Communities in Developing Regions Stephen Lee CaribNOG
74 Enabling Affordable Access: Changing Role of the Regulator Bernadette Lewis Caribbean Telecommunications Union
77 Cybercrime cooperation 4 developing countries: int’l frameworks Zahra Rose Dean Jamil & Jamil
80 ccTLDs: partners in developing local “IG literacy” Peter Van Roste CENTR
82 Alternative routes protecting human rights on the Internet BO ZHAO FACULTY OF LAW, UNIVERSITY OF GRONINGEN
83 Human Rights for the Internet: From Principles to Action Marianne Franklin IRP Coalition
89 Multi-Stakeholder Engagement: Imperative for Accessibility Alexandra Gaspari ITU - DCAD Secretariat
91 Launch of an African Declaration on Internet Rights&Freedoms Rebecca Zausmer Global Partners Digital
93 One World, Diverse Content and Flexible Access Raymond Kamel Egyptian MCIT
94 Creating, protecting and providing access to digital culture Ellen Broad International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions
95 Working together: initiatives to map & frame IG Samantha Dickinson Lingua Synaptica
96 Accountability challenges facing Internet governance today Samantha Dickinson Lingua Synaptica
97 Will Cyberspace fragment along national jurisdictions? Paul Fehlinger Internet & Jurisdiction Project
99 Digital inclusion policies for the forgotten billion Gunela Astbrink ISOC Australia
100 Carrier Grade NAT Impacts on Users, Markets and Cybercrime Mark McFadden InterConnect Communications
104 Cybersecurity for ccTLDs – governance and best practices Mark McFadden InterConnect Communications
107 Internet blocking: When well intentioned measures go too far Robert Guerra ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee, SSAC
112 Implications of post-Snowden Internet localization proposals Nicolas Seidler Internet Society
114 Developing countries participation in global IG rafik dammak individual
118 Discussion on multistakeholderism in Africa Enrico Calandro Research ICT Africa
124 Debates: Future IG Architecture Ginger Paque DiploFoundation
126 Fostering Respect by Companies for Internet Users’ Rights Carlos Affonso Souza Rio Institute for Technology & Society (ITS)
129 Internet tech and policy: privacy, data flows and trust Chris Boam 40A&M LLC (for ICC BASIS)
132 Online Advocacy & Women Entrepreneurship in the MENA Region carole chedid wave
134 AIGF Meeting: Future of Internet & Perspective for Africa AfIGF Secretariat UNECA
136 Internet as an engine of growth and development AfIGF Secretariat UNECA
139 Evaluating MS Mechanisms to Address Governance Issues Constance Weise ICC BASIS
140 The Future of the Global and Regional IGFs Post 2015 Arab IGF Secretariat Arab IGF Secretariat Arab IGF
142 Emerging Issues from the Arab Internet Community Perspective Arab IGF Secretariat Arab IGF Secretariat Arab IGF
146 Anonymity by Design: Protecting While Connecting Robert Bodle Internet Rights and Principles
149 Aligning ICANN Policy with Privacy Rights of Internet Users Robin Gross IP Justice
152 Internet Governance: Challenges, Issues, and Roles Karen Mulberry Internet Society
153 Institutionalizing the “Clearing House” Function Lea Kaspar The Noncommercial Users Constituency
154 Intelligent Risk management in a mobile online environment Jutta Croll Zentrum für Kinderschutz I-KiZ, Germany
157 Crowdsourcing a Magna Carta for "The Web We Want" Harry Halpin W3C
158 Promoting Platform Responsibility For Content Management Nicolo Zingales Tilburg University
159 Global Public Interest of the Internet Lauren Allison ICANN
163 Building alliances to enhance Internet affordability Emilie Yam Alliance for Affordable Internet
169 Technologies & Policies to Connect the Next Five Billion Jennifer Haroon Google Inc
171 Connecting Small Island States With Access To Data Cintra Sooknanan Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group TTNIC
172 Network Neutrality: a Roadmap for Infrastructure Enhancement Luca Belli CERSA
173 Youth involvement in Internet Governance Nadine Karbach Youth IGF Germany
180 Crowdsourced Ideas for IG:NETmundial brazilian experience Fabricio Solagna SG - BRazil
185 ICANN Globalization and the Affirmation of Commitments Stefania Milan NCUC
188 Transparency Reporting as a Tool for Internet Governance Kevin Bankston Open Technology Institute
191 ICANN Globalization in an Evolving IG Ecosystem Nigel Hickson ICANN
193 The Press Freedom Dimensions of Internet Governance Courtney Radsch Committee to Protect Journalists
194 New Economics for the New Networked World David Nordfors IIIJ
195 The internet age: Adapting to a new copyright agenda Cristiana Gonzalez University of São Paulo
196 IGF & Enhanced Cooperation, Parallel Tracks or Connected Qusai AlShatty Kuwait Information Technology Society
198 Social and economic justice issues in global IG Prabir Purkayastha Just Net Coalition
201 Building Local Content Creation Capacity: Lessons Learned Spiller Thomas The Walt Disney Company
206 An evidence based intermediary liability policy framework Jyoti Panday The Centre for Internet and Society
208 Net Neutrality, Zero-Rating & Development: What’s the Data? Matthew Shears CDT - Center for Democracy and Technology
220 Trasnational Surveillance & Crossborder Privacy Protections Katitza Rodriguez Electronic Frontier Foundation
225 Online Freedoms and Access to Information Online Burcu Bakioglu Internet Rights and Principles Coalition