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Workshop Proposals 2010


Workshop Number: 156

Title: Why we need an Open Web: Open Knowledge Governance for Innovation

Concise Description:
The workshop will discuss the concept of openness for maximizing creation and sharing of knowledge in the networked digital environment. The workshop will aim to provide an holistic, ecosystem-based approach - called "knowledge governance" - to the topics it will focus on, by presenting an structured understanding of the layers Internet Governance need to impact: hardware, software, content and community. The open web – open source, open standards, open access, open educational resources, open data and open science, and the interoperability it allows, has a significant impact on the advancement of sustainable social and economic development, and innovation. The workshop will gather together policy makers, civil society groups, students and librarians advocating for an Open Web.

It will also discuss the role of libraries as stakeholders in internet governance and the necessary role they play in ensuring access to knowledge. Libraries are one of the most vocal advocates for open access and access to knowledge and they are uniquely positioned to reach a large constituency of the public through the services that they provide to their communities. The speakers will address the many facets of the open web, including open standards, open source, open access, open data, open science, and open educational resources, and the role of libraries on the open web.

The workshop aims to provide recommendations on the requirements for a sustainable open web.

Which of the five broad IGF Themes or the Cross-Cutting Priorities does your workshop fall under?
Security, Openness and Privacy

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No link to this report

Provide the names and affiliations of the panellists you are planning to invite:
Emilija Banionyte, Lithuanian Research Library Consortium (LMBA)

Eddan Katz - Electronic Freedom Frontier (EFF)

Iryna Kuchma, EIFL

Julia Mortyakova, SPARC, Outreach and Advocacy Coordinator, The Right to Research Coalition

John Wilbanks, Creative Commons

Remote moderator: Andrius Krisciunas, EIFL

Others to be confirmed.

Provide the name of the organizer(s) of the workshop and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups:
* Creative Commons
Contact: John Wilbanks at

* EIFL (
Contacts: Rosalie Lack at

* Diplo Foundation (
Contacts: Carolina Rossini at and Virginia (Ginger) Paque at

* OER-Br Project
Contacts: Carolina Rossini at

Organization:OER-Brazil and EIFL

Contact Person: Carolina Rossini and Rosalie Lack