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Workshop Proposals 2010


Workshop Number: 58

Title: Implications of Cloud Computing

Concise Description:
This workshop will focus on:
• What is cloud computing: distinguishing the hype from the reality?
• What is the relationship between cloud computing and Internet? governance, what policy issues may create implications for the future?
• What kind of human and institutional capacity building can help policymakers, regulators, business and users develop appropriate policy approaches?

The interactive discussion will also highlight the benefits of cloud computing, with a special focus on developing countries, as well as the challenges to its adoption. Policy issues to be addressed include ensuring access to the cloud, privacy and information security in the cloud, jurisdiction and applicable law.

The perspectives of participating stakeholders and the interactive exchange will bring in a balance of views and most importantly integrate a human and institutional capacity building thread and emphasis on issues that are of importance to developing countries and stakeholders. The panellists will outline key issues related to cloud computing. This workshop will also help participating stakeholders to understand each others' needs and perspectives better and will be an excellent primer to prepare for the main session on emerging issues.

Outreach to focal points in civil society, government groups, international and intergovernmental organizations, technical and academic communities has been initiated.

This workshop will explore new policy implications of an evolving use of the Internet—cloud computing. It will also address IGF cross-cutting themes—development and capacity building.

Cloud computing has become increasingly important access and distribution model for the Internet. While in many ways cloud computing represents an extension of existing technologies, the expanded scope and spread of cloud computing use, plus the new roles it enables for individuals as creators and distributors of content and developers of applications may pose challenges for existing policy and governance structures. These enabling technologies that can empower individuals and contribute to growth and societal benefit when correctly fostered and implemented are integral to the vision behind the Tunis agenda.

Which of the five broad IGF Themes or the Cross-Cutting Priorities does your workshop fall under?
Emerging Issues / Cloud Computing

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Provide the names and affiliations of the panellists you are planning to invite:
Herbert Heitmann, Executive Vice President, External Communications, Royal Dutch Shell; Chair, ICC EBITT Commission

• Joseph Alhadeff, Vice President for Global Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer, Oracle Corporation; Vice-Chair, ICC EBITT Commission
• Vikram Kumar, Chief Executive, InternetNZ
• Alice Munyua, Board Member of Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK), Ministry of Information and Communication of the Government of Kenya
• Pablo Molina, CIO, AVP and Professor, Georgetown University; Board Member, EPIC
• Christiaan van der Valk, CEO, TrustWeaver

Remote moderator:
Elizabeth Thomas-Raynaud, Policy Manager, ICC

Heather Shaw, Vice President, ICT Policy, USCIB


Provide the name of the organizer(s) of the workshop and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups:
International Chamber of Commerce/BASIS initiative, Business Action to Support the Information Society and Kenya's Ministry of Information and Communication.

The co-sponsorship of this workshop by ICC/BASIS and Kenya's Ministry of Information and Communication will be consistent with the multi-stakeholder principle, and the workshop will include representatives from business, governments, the technical community and civil society. Geographic diversity will be represented. See descriptions of anticipated speakers above.

Organization:ICC BASIS

Contact Person: Ayesha Hassan