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Workshop Proposals 2010


Workshop Number: 87

Title: IPv6 Around The World: Surveying the Current and Future Deployment of IPv6

Concise Description:
IPv6 adoption is an issue of central importance in Internet governance discussions, and recent years have brought us to a point where major networks in both the developed and developing world have deployed or are planning to soon deploy IPv6. The momentum towards a v6-enabled Internet is now irresistible.

There remain concerns, however, about lack of access to information and education about IPv6, and the potential for this to disadvantage stakeholders in developing regions. The aim of this workshop is to showcase some of the ways in which IPv6 is already being successfully employed in a variety of networks throughout the world, as well as discussing ways in which all stakeholders can ensure that they have the information and access that they need to be part of the IPv6 Internet.

Which of the five broad IGF Themes or the Cross-Cutting Priorities does your workshop fall under?
Critical Internet Resources

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Osama Al-Dosary (MENOG)
Patrik Fältström (Cisco, Swedish Government Advisor)
Antonio M. Moreiras (
Adiel A. Akplogan (AfriNIC)
Bernard Tuy (Renater)
Jan Zorz (
Constanze Bürger (Department of Federal IT Infrastructure and IT Security Management, Ministry of the Interior, German Government)

Patrik Fältström will also serve as Chair of the session, which can be held in theatre style seating.

Adiel Akplogan (CEO, AfriNIC), John Curran (CEO, ARIN) and Raúl Echeberría (Executive Director, LACNIC) will serve as rapporteurs, reporting to the Chairs of the main session on Critical Internet Resources.

RIR staff members will fill the roles of remote moderator and workshop scribe (who will be responsible for minuting the session and producing the report, as well as the bulleted list of items to be submitted to the Chairs of the main session on Critical Internet Resources)

Provide the name of the organizer(s) of the workshop and their affiliation to various stakeholder groups:
The NRO represents the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), each of which is a membership-based organisation. RIR members are network operators from the business, government, education or private sectors.

Organization:Number Resource Organization

Contact Person: Paul Rendek