IGF 2010 Workshop Report

 Principles of Internet Governance Dimension of Open Knowledge Environment in Bridging Digital Divide
 Ma Jing

Prof. GAO Xinmin Standing Vice Chairman of Internet Society of China, Member of the Advisory Committee for State informationize Dr. William Drake, Director of the Project on the Information Revolution and Global Governance, the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva, Switzeland Prof. TAO Xiaofeng School of Telecommunication Engineering, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication Prof. LIU Chuang Director of Global Change Information and Research Center, Institute of Geography and Natural Resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. Wolfgang Kleinwächter International Communication Policy and Regulation, University of Aarhus Ana Neves: Head of International Affairs, Knowledge Society Agency, Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal


Following up the importance of the OKE- Open Knowledge Environment in IGF 2009, the workshop move its focus on the principals of OKE, it was successfully organized with the full seated attendances and side-seated audience and the remote participants as well. The presentation of the workshop talked focused on the following fields: 1.Principles of Internet Governance Dimension of Open Knowledge Environment in Bridging Digital Divide 2.The importance of the knowledge, openness and access to the knowledge. 3. Practices in Open Knowledge Environment for future Wireless Communication 4.Teaching the Internet Governance. 5.Principals and Norms of the Internet. A great debates and numerous of the question were raised after the presentations, regarding the challenges and experiences who the developing and developed country were facing.


China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) supported the OKE studies and research and case-studies. CODATA Task Group in Developing Countries, host country series of International Workshops in China (2004) (2008), South Africa (2005), Brizal (2007), Cuba (2008), Mongolia (2009), great help on national strategies. Chinese Academy of Sciences hosted training workshop for African in China (2008) and great help for the international south-south cooperation.


Through panel discussion, the following consensus was reached: (1) The OKE is neccessary, as it will help developing countries in the innovative research, education and development; (2) Practices and cases on strategy and policy reform from China as well as European countries were presented. Diversity modes of Internet governance of OKE are from e-Library and 4G training course. (3) For best practices and public services,it needs more open education and training. It needs also some related search for law, for examples, open licensing, legal tools and the public domain, security of general platform. (4) It is necessary to continue more detailed discussions and exchanges regarding the Internet governance dimension of OKE, especially the principles and best practices of OKE.


Discussions on principles and guidelines of internet governance of open knowledge environment (OKE) in bridging digital divide will follow up, since so many audience show their contineous interests. China Association of Science and Technology (CAST) will work with the partners to continue the discussions. Next time we will mainly focus on principles and best practises.