IGF 2010 Workshop Report

 Preparing Asian youth for the digital age
 NetMission ambassadors and YIGF participants

Edmon Chung, DotAsia Organization Matthew Hui, NetMission ambassador and Youth IGF camp organizer Bianca Ho, NetMission ambassador and Youth IGF camp organizer Desiree Ho, NetMission ambassador Heiki Tsang, Youth IGF participant Ken Kuan, Youth IGF participant Flora Leung, Youth IGF participant Clemence Cam, Youth IGF participant Robert Guerra, Director, Internet Freedom Project, Freedom House Oliver Blogie Robillo, blogger, Freedom House program participant Philippa Green, Childnet YiGF organizer Hong Xue, Director of Institute for the Internet Policy & Law (IIPL), Beijing Normal University Rafik Dammak, Youth Coalition on Internet Governance active member Ross LaJeunesse, Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs for Google Amelia Andorsetta, Lisbon parliamentarian for Piratpartiet, Sweden in the European Parliament


Civil society and youth are important components of the multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance. The level of capacity, awareness and preparedness of civil society and youth to actually participate in Internet governance discourse varies significantly across Asia. This workshop will explore various programs developed with the aim to prepare civil society and youth participation in Internet governance in Asia, as well as report on some of the successes and challenges of engaging their active contributions. Some of the programs to be explored include the NetMission Ambassadors Program (www.netmission.asia), the Youth IGF Camp (www.yigf.asia), Freedom House Internet Governance Workshops, the preparations for bringing the Internet Governance Summer School to Asia, and the ChildNet IGF Camp. Beyond reports from the above initiatives, the session will bring together perspectives of programs for youth from informed representatives.


-NetMission ambassador by DotAsia Organization -Youth Internet Governance Camp (YIGF) in Hong Kong by NetMission ambassadors -Youth IGF camp in London by Childnet -Summer School on Internet Governance (SSIG) by Dr Xue Hong -Internet Freedom Project by Freedom House


The workshop began with presentation by both organizer and participants of the programs, then opening the discussion to the floor. NETMISSION AMBASSADOR NetMission ambassador program is based in Hong Kong, an initiative aiming to bring together network of dedicated young volunteers devoted towards promoting and contributing towards digital inclusion, Internet governance and building a harmonious and respectable Internet environment. Their success is based on the autonomous working environment, and the opportunity to attend international conferences. These two characteristics spark youth’s interest in Internet, and also empowers youth by giving them the flexibility in conducting community projects. YOUTH INTERNET GOVERNANCE FORUM The Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF) camp was an initiative by NetMission ambassadors after attending IGF in Egypt. They developed a new model for youth which makes it easier for youth to participate in Internet governance. The new model adopts a role-play approach where youth are assigned roles, ie government, NGO etc., and participate in active discussion of 3 designated topics of specific relevance to Hong Kong. This allows them to understand the multistakeholder approach. YIGF aims to spark students' interest in Internet Governance, and to provide a platform where they can easily voice out. Suggest having a strong moderator to direct the discussion when the topic is too broad. More background information of the 3 topics will also give them a better context of the discussion. SUMMER SCHOOL ON INTERNET GOVERNANCE (SSIG) The Summer School on Internet Governance is an advanced academic training program with certificate and credits transferable across Europe academic institutions. They organized a roundtable discussion, and then followed by tutorial for communication between the students and faculty to exchange their views. The students first learned about the theoretical background of Internet governance, then proceed to talk about technical and practical application of the knowledge. They believed that educating young people and training them to be involved in Internet governance is a key way of getting them involved in the Internet itself. CHILDNET – Youth IGF Camp Childnet International aims to work in partnership with others around the world to help make the Internet a great and safe place for children. Due to the lack of Internet governance understanding in UK, Childnet organized a YIGF camp in London in August. They had participants from different areas in the UK. After talks by experts, youth then discussed the various issues around Internet governance. Privacy is one of the major focuses of the camp. Afterwards, youth had established a Statement of Belief about their views of Internet.


1) Young people should have a stronger say and be more involved in Internet governance today 2. Policy makers should take youth interest into consideration, and ensure direct youth participation in policy development and decision making process 3. Encourage active youth participation in IGF, they will acquire insight in how policy is being made and amended. 4. Having Internet governance programs are good ways to create funding such that youth from different countries can be bought together.