IGF 2010 Workshop Report

 How to measure communication and media in digital converging era
 Giacomo MAZZONE

Chairperson: Ismo SILVO, Director of strategy and development, YLE SPEAKERS: Frédéric Bourassa, OECD - Statistician on Communications indicators. telecommunications, Internet, ICT and trade in ICT goods and services statistics - INTERGOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION Alex Shulzycki, EBU Strategic information Service - ITU SECTOR MEMBER André Lange, European Audiovisual Observatory - Council of Europe Prof. Antonio Granado, Universidade Nova Lisboa Prof. Preben Sorensen, president EUROPEAN ALLIANCE OF LISTENERS AND VIEWERS ASSOCIATIONS (Euralva) Jeroen Verspeek (Head of Audience Research Department) and Marije Andela (Internet resp.)NPO,


The objective of the workshop is to raise the awareness of the problems in measuring the impact of the Internet on the audiovisual industry. The development of broadband has made possible the rapid development of web TV, VoD, catch-up TV, video sharing and non authorized file sharing, but it is still difficult to provide coherent statistics on the level of equipment, new consumers practices, the importance of new services in media companies’ investments and revenues. During the workshop the main different ways to measure media have been compared. In the TV world measure is based mainly on audience rates. In the telecom world what counts is the number of subscription, the volume of communication, the turnover of the companies and so on. In the Internet world measure (apart of the turnover of the companies) is web-based, with parameters such as number of visits, reach, time spent in the navigation, or is based on panel of users, analyzing their behaviours.


YLE Ismo Silvo: ismo.silvo@yle.fi OECD Frédéric Bourassa: frederic.bourassa@oecd.org EOA André Lange: andre.lange@obs.coe.int EBU Alex Shulzycki: shulzycki@ebu.ch NPB Jeroen Verspeek: jeroen.verspeek@omroep.nl NPB Marije Andela: marije.andela@omroep.nl EURALVA Preben Sorensen: prebensorensen@bbsyd.dk UNIVERSITY OF LISBOA Antonio Granado: agranado@fcsh.unl.pt EBU/WBU Giacomo Mazzone: mazzone@ebu.ch


Finally some proposals emerged from the debate: • Public authorities and stakeholders need to define a set of concrete basic rules to implement the transparency of the AV market and create a level playing field • Obligations of disclosure should be defined for indicators of general interest • Public institutions active in the data collection on the Internet, telecommunications and AV industries should have the means to better coordinate their activities and face the challenge of increased complexity • Public bodies have a role in democratizing the access to the strategic information


So the proponents of this workshop (OECD – that provide data on telecom industry- and EAO & EBU that provide data on audiovisual industry) decided to converge their forces in order to tackle the problem of how measure of the industry of convergence: a problem that is larger than their own single forces. A joint work to identify the relevant indicators of the convergence will be launched soon, open to all stakeholders that have an interest in having these data made publicly available. OECD shared its experience on the development of wireless broadband indicators and underlined that such a process can be long and should be done with a large consensus among the various stakeholders.